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Q: How fast in miles per hour do you have to travel in order to run a four minute mile?
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How fast in miles per hour do you have to travel in order to run a 12.57 minute mile?

Just over 4.77 mph

How many miles are equal to 1 minute?

It depends on how fast you are going. To go a mile in 1 minute, you must be going 60 miles per hour. If you are going as fast as light, you will travel about 11176944 miles in 1 second.

How fast does light travel per minute?

11,000,000 miles (11 million miles, or 18 million kilometers)

How fast do you have to go in order to go 20 miles in one minute?

1,200 miles per hour.

If you travel 10 miles in ten minutes how fast are you going in miles per minutes?

You are going one mile per minute at that rate.

How fast would you have to travel to cover 18 miles in 18 minutes?

1 mile per minute (60 miles per hour)

How fast do you need to drive to travel 100 miles in 35 min?

You would need to drive 2.85 miles per minute which is 171.4 mph.

How fast does a snail go in one minute?

a snail can travel 2.36 inches a minute. a snail can travel 2.36 inches a minute.

How fast in mph would one be going if they travel 20 miles in 14 min?

20 miles in 14 minutes = 20/14 miles per minute = 1.42857... miles per minute 1.42857 x 60 = 85.7143... miles per hour

How fast do mealworms travel?

mealworms travel 20 cenimeters per minute

How fast is 7 miles a minute?

Seven miles per minute equates to a speed of 420 miles per hour.

How fast does the International Space Station travel in one minute?

The ISS travels at almost 5 miles per second, which gives 300 miles per minute. The speed related to one hour is 17,500 miles per hour.

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