How fast is 2 miles per minute?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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120 miles per hour.

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Q: How fast is 2 miles per minute?
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2 miles in 13 minutes is how fast?

Precisely 2/13 mile per minute. Approximately 9.231 miles per hour. (rounded)

How fast to drive one quarter mile in 2 seconds?

1/4/2 = 1/8 mile per second 1/8 mile per second times 60 seconds per minute = 7.5 miles per minute 7.5 miles per minute x 60 minutes per hour = 450 miles per hour

How fast could a pterodactyl fly?

Very. 2 miles a minute.

How fast does a sloth move per second?

Sloths move at 2 m.p.h.

What is 720miles a day converted to miles a minute?

720 miles per 24 hours equates to 1/2 mile per minute or 30 miles per hour.

How many miles a minute are you running to run the marathon in 2 hr and 3 minutes?

0.213 miles per minute.

How far can you walk in 2 minutes at 2 miles per hour?

2 miles per hour = 2 miles in 60 minutes = 2/60 miles in 1 minute ie 1/30 miles in 1 minute. So 2/30 miles in 2 minutes. Now, 2/30 miles = 2/30*5280 = 352 feet

How many miles in a minute?

AnswerDepends on how fast you are going. for example, if you are going 60 miles/hr then in 1 minute there is 1 mile. now if you are going 30 miles/hr then in a minute there is 1/2 miles.

How may miles in a minute going 40 miles an hour?

40 mph = 40 miles in one hour or 0.6666666r miles per minute. 40 miles an hour = 2/3 mile a minute An hour per 40 miles = 1.5 minutes a mile = 90 seconds a mile

Walk in miles per hour?

melitta can cover 2 1/2 miles in 45 minutes. how fast is she walking in miles per hour?

How long does it take to travel 138 miles at 65 miles per hour?

65 mph, so 130 miles in 2 hours, that leaves 8 miles. 6.5miles per minute, 8/6.5 = 1.23 minutes = 1 minute 13.8 seconds. answer 2 hours 1 minute 13.8 seconds.

How fast in in Mach would you have to go to make it 442 miles in one minute?

Mach velocities are all relative to the speed of sound in that gas, at that density. Mach 1 = the speed of sound. Mach 2 = twice the speed of sound. It does not have an invariant conversion into miles per minute.