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About 124 MPH

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Q: How fast will a 5 lb ball be going if dropped from 2000 feet?
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How fast is a ball dropped 3 m going?

The answer will depend on whether you want the average speed during the 3 metre drop or the instantaneous speed when it has fallen 3 m.

How fast should a fast ball go?

Speed doesn't matter for fast balls, what matters is if it's going straight or not.

Is a lacrosse ball hard?

Very very hard, especially when going fast

Could an elephant have the same momentum as a golf ball why or why not?

Well, that depends on how fast the golf-ball is going, if it's going 30 mph, yes is can, If faster no.

How fast does a tennis ball travel?

The speed of a tennis ball can be determined by who is hitting it. An amateur or young child is not going to hit the ball as fast as a professional. At the professional level the ball can travel over one hundred miles an hour.

How fast does a softball come off of a bat?

It depends on how hard it's hit, and how fast the ball was going towards the batter.

What is the adjective in the sentence she can hit a fast ball?

fast ball

Is it a technical foul if a player gets intentionally fouled on a fast break?

That depends. If he was intentionally fouled but the player was going for the ball, than no. If the player was not going for the ball, than yes.

What is the fast ball sport?

The fast ball sport is baseball, a fast ball is basically when a pitcher just throws the ball staight at the strike zone.

If a ball travels 40 yards in 4.3 seconds how fast is it going?

It is going about 9.3 yards per second; 40/4.3.

A cross between fast ball and curve ball?

A cross between a fast ball and a curve ball is called a slider.

How can you evaluate the throwing power?

im not going to tell you the fancy way but pretty much its the speed of the ball and how fast it went and how much the ball weighs

How to calculate the amount of time for a ball to reach 3 meters?

You need to know how fast the ball is going, and divide the speed by the distance, which is 3 meters.

How fast was Babe Ruth's fast ball?

Babe Ruth's fast ball was around 95 mph.

How fast does a fast ball have to be to be a fast ball?

69 mph It can be any speed but probably about 60 mph

What is a fast ball and curve ball mixed together called?

When a fast ball and curve ball are mixed together it is called a slider.

I can't bowl fast with proper running how can i bowl fast?

BY througing the Ball. BY througing the Ball. BY througing the Ball.

What is the difference between a fast ball and a curve ball?

A fast ball has more velocity and does not move as much as a curveball

Does the size of a ball effect how fast it rolls?

The size of a ball does affect how fast it rolls. Surface also play a major role in how fast a ball will move.

How fast is a softball going when hit by a bat?

depends on the bat, how hard you hit it, and what size of ball, and the wind mph

What happens if the Torah is dropped?

You have to fast for 40 days.

How fast does a ball python strike?

As fast as the pitcher gets a good ball over the plate.

What is a balk in fast pitch softball?

a fast ball

Why is it easier to stop a soccer ball than a bowling ball?

It depends on how fast they're going. A bowling ball is much heavier, therefore has more momentum if they're both travelling at the same speed.

How do you get a fast ball?

from Kurt