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The speed of light is constant. It is 671,000,000 mph.

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Q: How fast would light travel when emmitted from an object traveling 100 million miles per hour?
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Traveling without changing speed?

When you (or an object) travel without changing speed, then you have constant velocity (speed). This means there is no change in speed (acceleration) when you (or an object) is traveling.

How does light travel through an object?

traveling of light depends the characteristics of the object. If it is opaque or if it is a black body, light doesn't travel. similarly if it is transparent it easily gets into it.during the period of travel it changes its velocity. traveling of light depends the characteristics of the object. If it is opaque or if it is a black body, light doesn't travel. similarly if it is transparent it easily gets into it.during the period of travel it changes its velocity.

Object traveling through the speed of light?

Electrons are able to travel close to speed of light.

Is traveling a noun?

The word 'traveling' is the gerund, a verbal noun, of the verb 'to travel'. A gerund is the present participle of the verb that can be used for all of the functions of a noun, the subject of a sentence or clause, and the object of a verb or a preposition. For example: Subject: Traveling gives a person perspective on life. Object of the verb: I enjoy traveling very much. Object of the preposition: You need a passport for world traveling.

What is the difference between retail travel and a wholesale travel?

Basically, retail travel is traveling by singles while wholesale travel is traveling by bulk or by many.

What will happen when an object will try to travel at more than the speed of light?

Nobody knows for sure. We have never witnessed a physical object traveling faster than the speed of light.

Does an object traveling in a circle have a force acting on it?

Yes. It needs a force to make it travel in a circle. If that force were not there, then the object would take off in a straight line.

How many years will it take to travel to Mercury?

The time required to travel from Mercury to the Earth depends on the amount of energy applied to the traveling object, or, to over simplify, on how fast you go.

What does it mean to travel domestically?

Traveling within a country is known as Domestic Travel. So if you travel Domestically, you are traveling within your country.

What is the root word of traveling?


How long would it take to travel 10 million miles?

This depends on the speed that you are traveling at. Pick a speed and then divide the distance by the speed.

Why can't you time travel?

You can not travel backwards in time, because it would mess up the entire universe, just as a solid object traveling faster than light would mess up the entire universe as we know it. The rules of the universe are: 1) No object will mass can travel at, or faster than, the speed of light. 2) No object can travel backward in time. That's the way the universe works.

What is airline travel?

airline travel is traveling on a plane

What is poseiden travel?

poseiden travel is a traveling angency

Who do people usually travel with?

It depends on why the person is traveling. If a person is traveling for vacation, holiday, or just everyday travel it is most likely to be with friends or family. If a person is traveling for work they will usually travel with a coworker. Also, people will often times travel alone.

How does -ing change the meaning of traveling?

of Travel

Will a smaller object traveling at a higher speed be more dangerous than a large object traveling at a low speed?

The answer will depend on their relative masses and velocities. But, as an indication, the kinetic energy of a body is m*v2 where m is the mass and v the velocity. So an object of a quarter the mass will have to travel at only double the velocity to have the same kinetic energy.

Is traveling to Mexico domestic or international traveling?

From the US? It is international travel. If you mean NEW Mexico, that is domestic travel, though.

An object is traveling at a speed of 45 km per minute how long to make 50 miles?

It will take 1.79 minutes to travel 50 miles.

How can they all travel to the Caribbean?

Many travel places offer a discount on group traveling a senior citizens traveling. All they would have to do is pay the travel fee that is due. They will be able to travel to Caribbean after that.

What does the company Hays Travel offer?

The company Hays Travel offers traveling help. Hays Travel is the largest independent travel agency located in the United Kingdom. Hays Travel can help anyone with their traveling needs.

A spacecraft traveling in space can travel at a constant speed and in a straight path without using engines?

Newton's Second Law: The force applied to an object is proportional to its mass and its acceleration. What this means is that any object, traveling in a straight line, at a constant speed, requires no force to maintain that motion. Most notably, in space, where there is no air resistance to slow the object down, no engines would be required to travel, except to change speed and course.

How does one measure velocity?

You measure distance travel by an object and time it takes for the object to travel the distance. Divide first one one second and get average speed. Knowing the direction the object is traveling to allows you to build the vector of average velocity. Instantaneous velocity can be measure only as limit when traveled distance approaches zero.

What program allows you to travel to a foreign country?

You can be a traveling nurse or a traveling teacher.

Does heat travel from a hot object or cold object?

heat travel from a hot object first then to cold object!