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Area of a square:



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Q: How find the area of a square figure?
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How do you figure out the sides of a square when you have the area?

find the square root

How do you find how to square a number to find an area?

To square a number, multiply the number by itself.Example: The square of 6 is (6 times 6) = 36.Note: This gives you the area only if the figure is a square.

If the area of the figure is 100.53 square units find the circumference?

A circle with an area of 100.53 square units has a circumference of 35.542 units.

How do you find the area of a math problem?

The area of a figure measures the size of the region enclosed by the figure. This is usually expressed in terms of some square unit. A few examples of the units used are square meters, square centimeters, square inches, or square kilometers.

How do you figure out the area of a side of a cube if you know the volume?

The formula for volume is side cubed, and the formula for a square's area is side squared, so you find the cube root of the volume and square your answer to find area.

How do you figure out the surface area of a triangular prism?

find the area of triangles(reflecting surfaces) and also the area of rectangle or square(base)and find the sum of both.

What is the area of a figure in 35 square units?

35 square units is the area.

What is the number of square units enclosed by a figure?

The size of that area is known as the "area" of the figure.

A figure is made up of square with a side length of 8 cm and a circle inside it with the same diameter as the length of the square. Find the area of the composite figure. Show your solution?


How can you figure out surface area of a square?

S squared. You have to find the sides first. S stands for Side.

How do you figure what percent of the total area one small area is?

There are many methods to do this. One is to calculate the are of the enitire figure. Then figure out the area of the smaller area. Then divide the smaller figure's area by the larger figure's area and change the answer to a percent. For example, if you were asked to figure out what percent of square A with sides measuring 5 cm was covered by square B (which is completely inside of square A) with sides of 1 cm. 1. Calculate the are of square A. 25 cm2 2. Calculate the are of square B. 1 cm2 3. Divide square B by square A. 1/25 or 0.04 4. Convert to a percent. 4%

What is the area of a closed figure?

the area is that 2 dimensional space inside of the closed figure. normally specified as square centimeters or square inches