How fringing effect is reduced?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How fringing effect is reduced?
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How do you reduce fringing effect?

Hi, if you really wanna reduce magnetic fringing effect, then you have to keep + side in water for two days and then can have a test of effect streangth, it will be reduced to 50%.

Define gap contraction factor for slots?

It is nothing but the effect of flux which is reduced slightly due to fringing effect. it depends on the material used for the stator and rotor design. as well as shape of the slots.

What is fringing effect in magnetic field?

The fringing effect refers to the deviation of the magnetic field lines near the edges of a magnet or magnetic material. As the magnetic field lines extend beyond the edges, they tend to converge or diverge, resulting in uneven distribution and strength of the magnetic field in the fringing region. This effect is particularly important in applications where precise control and uniformity of the magnetic field are required.

What is field effect?

Fringing effect is the magnetic characteristic caused by the shape around directly opposing the magnetic surfaces.

What is flux fringing and where does it occur?

The lines of flux are crowded at the ends of magnets, this phenomena is called fringing.

What will be the effect on friction when contact points are reduced?

No effect

What are fringing reefs and what are they made of?

Fringing reef is made up of many plankton and grows 100-20 yards from the shore, such as a lagoon.

Is a fringing reef a coral reef?


What is fringing electric field?

The fringing electric field is an electric field that extends beyond the physical boundaries of a charged object, resulting in non-uniform field lines and potential gradients around the object. It is often seen in situations where the electric field interacts with nearby objects or surfaces, causing distortions in the field lines.

Is the word reduced positive or negative?

Reduced can be positive or negative. For example, "His allowance was reduced because he did not do his chores. As positive, The tension was reduced when they talked about their problems. Though both mean "lessened," in the first example, it has a negative effect, but in the second example, the effect is positive.

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im trying to find the answer!

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