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sixty-nine and four hundred nine thousandths.

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Q: How go do a word form for 69.409?
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What letters can go in front of quote and make a new word?

What letters can go in front of the word quote and form a new word

How do write 69409 in expanded form?

69,409 = (6 x 10000) + (9 x 1000) + (4 x 100) + (0 x 10) + (9 x 1)

What is plural word for go?

The plural form of the noun 'go' is goes.The noun 'go' is a word for an attempt.Example: How many goes do you need to get it right?

What is a word for hopeful that things will go well?

The word 'hopefully' is the adverb form of the adjective 'hopeful'.The noun form of the adjective 'hopeful' is hopefulness.The word 'hopeful' is the adjective form of the noun hope.

What root word and prefix combine to form the word ancestor?

It comes from the Latin antecedere, from ante'before' + cedere 'go.'

Is the word to a verb?

No. The word to is a grammatical particle. It is used BESIDE a verb to form an infinitive, which a compound form of verb. For example: to see, to sleep, to go, to write, and so on. But the word to per se is not a verb.

Which three letter word can go before ton go or rot to form three new words?


Is went an abstract noun?

The word 'go' is sometimes an abstract noun itself. Some examples: I'll have a go at answering your question. He has no get up and go. He was able to make a go of the flower shop. The abstract noun form of the verb to 'go' is the gerund, going. Example: Our going will show them that we support their efforts.

Where did the word 'go' originate from?

The verb "to go" is so fundamental to the English language that all that can be said is that this word, or some form of it, has been English for as long as there has been an English.

How do you form a sentence using the word disappointment?

It was a disappointment I could not go to the movies today.

What are synonyms of get as in get inside a car?

The word get (get inside, get out) is an idiomatic English form meaning go.