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80 inches

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Q: How high from floor should a gas meter be?
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Should there be a strong smell at the gas meter?

Absolutely not. If there is a strong smell of gas at the meter, call the gas company.

Where to use meter?

The employee read the gas meter.The item was 1 meter high.

Why is your gas meter making a squeaking noise?

There can be many reasons why a gas meter is making a squeaking noise. If the noise is accompanied by an odor of gas, you should call the gas company right away. In many cases the noise is nothing to be concerned about, but it can be annoying. The gas company may be able to change out your meter for a new one that is quiet.

Does increasing gas meter size override need to increase pipe size?

No. Meters are set for different outgoing pressures. Higher pressure coming out meter allows for smaller piping to be used. A gas pressure regulator will be needed at each appliance to reduce gas pressure to required gas pressure for appliance. Gas company should be able to take care of meter. Gas company or plumber should know how to size piping.

How may gas detectors should I buy?

Well, you should have at least one on each floor. If your house is extremely big, maybe two on each floor.

What is the purpose of a gas meter?

The purpose of a gas meter is to monitor how much gas a particular house is using. Customers are then billed according to how much gas they have used from the meter.

How do you calculate gas used per month in your household in cubic feet?

You will have a gas meter to give this reading. If it doesn't give cubic feet directly it should have a conversion factor on the meter. So you just read the meter on the right days.

Who is responsible for your gas meter box?

Your local gas company provider is responsible for your gas meter box.

Why does my 1994 mark8 shut down when i put the gas pedal to the floor?

rpm's to high so it dies

What size gas meter do you need on your house if I am installing a tankless hot water heater?

Standard meter will suffice, need to know pressure from meter to house. Size pipe appropriately for gas pressure coming into house X distance to water heater. Gas company or plumber should be able to help with this calculation.

What measures gas and electricity usage?

The usage is measured by gas and electricity meters. A gas meter measures the volume of gas passing through. An electricity meter is an energy meter which measures the kilowatt-hours use.

Is it legal for a homeowner to move a gas meter?

If the meter is moved with the consent of the gas company, yes. In most cases the gas company will inspect, or even do the moving of the meter, for the appropriate fee.