How install homeguard 200?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: How install homeguard 200?
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How often does the ankle bracelet transmit a signal to the HomeGuard 200?

what the lights mean on homeguard 200

What is the range light on homeguard 200?

35, 75, or 150 feet depending on the officers preset is what the website says

Can the Home Guard 200 detect alcohol?

The BI HomeGuard 200 is a radio frequency monitoring tool used by corrections and pre-trial agencies to monitor an offender or bondee's location status in house-arrest/curfew situations. It has an adjustible range, and is controlled by the correctional supervisor via the BI Total Access web application. The BI HomeGuard 200 does not monitor for alcohol consumption on its own, it is however, compatible with another device called BI Sobrietor that does monitor for alcohol consumption. The BI Sobrietor is a seperate, handheld device that looks something like a radar gun, and, if the offender is required to use it, the BI HomeGuard 200 allows the corrections supervisor to require the offender to test himself/herself upon arrival into the HomeGuard 200's functional monitoring range.

Does the homeguard 206 ds monitor alcohol?


How does the homeguard know when it s on a person?

The homeguard may use various sensors such as motion sensors, pressure sensors, or heat sensors to detect the presence of a person. These sensors can detect movement or changes in weight or body heat, which help the homeguard identify the presence of a person in its vicinity.

What is the range of home guard 200?

Can the homeguard 200 be hooked up somewhere else other than the clients home?

Does the BI Homeguard 206 ds monitor alcohol?

does it detect alcohol

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Does the homeguard 206 ds have to be hooked up to a phone?

No, it uses a cellular network to communicate with the monitoring agency.

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