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1.0020 X 100

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Q: How is 1.0020 written in exponential notation?
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What is the exponential notation to 100?

100 can be written as 1.00 × 102 in exponential notation.

Which exponential notation is equal to 1296?

1,296 can be written as 1.296 × 103 in exponential notation.

What is 81 exponential notation?

81 can be written as 8.10 × 101 in exponential notation.

What is the prime factorization of 36 written in exponential notation?

The prime factorization of 36 written in exponential notation is: 22 x 32

How do you express 473 in exponential notation?

4.73x102 is 473 in exponential notation. This can also be written 4.73E2 or 2.73e2

What is 6x6x6x6 written in exponential notation?


What is 216 written exponential notation?

2.16 × 102or2.16E2

How do you wrie 0.9410 in exponential notation?

0.9410 in exponential notation is written as 9.41 x 10^-1.

What is exponential notation form?

Exponential notation (more commonly known as scientific notation) is a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation.In exponential notation, all numbers are written as a × 10b, where the exponent b is an integer, and the coefficient a is any real number.For example, three hundred in standard decimal notation is written as 300; however, it is written as 3 × 102 in exponential notation.i am sorry if you are reading this but i think this is wrong from all that i have learned exponential notation is nothing like scientific notation

How would 243 written in exponential notation?

2.43 × 102

What is the exponential notation for 49?

49 can be written as 4.90 × 101

How do you write the standard number -75.116 in exponential notation?

Negative numbers cannot be written in exponential notation. The rules require the number to be between 1.0-9.9.