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200 times 0.45 and it equals 90

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Q: How is 45 percent discount on a shirt of rs200 calculated?
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You purchase a shirt for 8.50 plus a 6 percent discount on it how much is the total cost?

The total discount is $-0.51 and the total price after the discount is $7.99.

What percent discount did Josh get when he saved 2 on a shirt that was originally 16?


How much would a shirt be if its 29.50 but 40 percent off?

It would cost $17.70 after the discount.

Donald wants to purchase a shirt for 30.00 How much will the discount be on the item if it is marked off 30 percent?

9.00 or 9

What is the discount if I paid 45.00 for at shirt if it was originally 65.00?

The discount was 20 or about 30.77%

A clothing store is having a sale A shirt normally sells for 30 The store is offering a 15 percent discount What is the discounted price?

$25.50 would be the price

How much is a 10 percent discount?

A 10 percent discount is paying for 90% (100-10) of the original amount. So, if the price of an item is 100 dollars. Then a 10% discount would mean paying the item for 90 dollars. Another example, if a t shirt costs 50 dollars and there is a 10% discount on that , that would mean the price is reduced to 90% of 50 which is 90*50/100 = 45 dollars. You could also say that 10% of 50 is 5 dollars. And then you subtract the price of the t shirt by 5 bucks. i.e. 50 - 5 = 45. Hope this helps. Thank you Sharada

How can you permanently stretch a 100 percent polyester shirt?

One way to permanently stretch a 100 percent polyester shirt is to wash the shirt and then put it on while it is wet. Allow the shirt to dry while wearing it to help stretch the materiel.

How much cotton is in a tee shirt?

That is completely based on which tee shirt you are talking about, there are 100 percent cotton ones, and everything from 40 percent to 99 percent otherwise.

The price of shirt went from 25 to28 by what percent did the shirt increase?


Where can one find a shirt for women?

A shirt for a woman can be found at almost any store. A shirt can be found at department and discount stores such as Macy's, Sears, JC Penney's, Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart.

What is the new price of a shirt that cost 96.95 but is 20 percent off?

The new price of the shirt is $77.56 + tax.

What is the answer Pamela buys a shirt for 36 If tax is 8 percent what is the total cost of the shirt?

The cost is about $39 rounded to the nearest dollar.

Will a 95 percent cotton shirt shrink?


You want to buy a shirt that costs 20 The sales tax is 7.25 percent What is the total cost of the shirt?

1.45 dollars

Where can one find discount coupons for Bruce Lee t-shirts from the official store?

We can find discount coupons from places like Retailmenot, Raptr, Sharecouponcode for Bruce Lee t-shirt from the official store. Discount amount is different in different sites

Where can you get a shirt like Kurt Cobain wore in the music video for 'smells like teen spirit'?

He always bought shirts from discount used stores its just an average t shirt he found there

A jacket regularly sells for 36.40 It is on sale at a15 percent discount the sales tax rate is 8 percent What is the total price of the shirt on sale including tax?

$36.40 x 0.15= 5.4636.40- 5.46= 30.9430.94 x 1.08= 33.42$33.42

Should you buy a shirt that is one size larger because it is 100 percent cotton?

No. A 100 % cotton shirt will not shrink when you wash it.

If a shirt costs19.50 what is the final price with a 40 percent off?


How much sales tax will Nicole pay on a 36 shirt if the tax rate is 7 percent?

That depends what you mean by a 36 shirt. Usually it means a size 36 shirt, so the answer depends on the price of such a shirt. If you mean a shirt that costs 36 (dollars, cents, euros, whatever), the answer is 2.52.

If a shirt cost 8.50 and the sales tax is 6 percent how much will the shirt cost?

The total tax is $0.51 and the total price with tax is $9.01.

A large shirt is 35 percent larger than the small size What is the percent rounded to the nearest compatible fraction?


You purchase a shirt for 8.50 plus a six percent sales tax?


How much is a shirt that cost 0.97 with 8 percent sales tax?