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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How is 8 multiplied by m written in algebraic or numerical expression?
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How can 24 multiplied by 3 be written as a numerical expression?

You can write 24 multiplied by 3 is, 3(24)

What is an algebraic statement?

An algebraic statement is an algebraic expression or an algebraic equation written in words.

What is the product of 15 and c in algebraic expression?

The product of 15 and c in algebraic expression is simply 15c, which means 15 times c.

How do you determine whether an expression is rational algebraic expression or not?

If the algebraic expression can be written in the form of a(x)/b(x) where a(x) and b(x) are polynomial functions of x and b(x) ≠ 0, then the expression is a rational algebraic expression.

What is 3 plus 6u33?

It is an algebraic expression written in an unconventional form.

What is 0.8 less than a number written as an algebraic expression?

it is written as x-o.8

What is 359 more than z written in a algebraic expression?

what us the algebraic expression for 359 more than Z

What is the difference between nine and a number written in algebraic expression?

Abs(9 - n)

How would two-thirds of 'k' be written in algebraic expression?


What is the algebraic expression for the prouduct of 5 and N?

Can be written as 5 x N or 5N

What is irrational algebraic expression?

irrational expression is that wich are not rational or it can't be written in the form of p/q. such as (x)1/3

What is 3 less than the product of three and a number written as a algebraic expression?

3x - 3

What is the meaning of numerical coefficient?

in mathematics, numerical coefficient refers to the constant multiplicative factors attached to the variables in an expression are known as Numerical Coefficient. It differs from Literal Coefficient.The Numerical Coefficient is always written in front of the variable as shown in the expression given below: , where are numerical coefficients.Numerical Coefficient is more frequently referred as Coefficient.the numerical coefficient for the term 10x4 is 10.The numerical coefficients for the expression 3x2 + x + 1 are 3, 1, and 1.

What has the author R Wait written?

R. Wait has written: 'The Numerical Solution of Algebraic Equations' -- subject(s): Equations, Numerical solutions 'Finite element analysis and applications' -- subject(s): Finite element method

What is twice a number less twelve?

As an algebraic expression this is written 2x - 12, where x is the unknown number.

Solve three times the sum of twice a number and four?

This is an algebraic expression. It can be written as 3(2x + 4)

What is two more than the quotient of six and a number n written as an algebraic expression?

6/n +2

What is three more than the quotient of six and a number N written as an algebraic expression?

3+ 6/n

How should seven times the sum of a number n and 3 be written as an algebraic expression?


How would 6 divided by a number be written in an algebraic expression?

It would be: 6/x whereas x is the unknown variable

How do you write an algebraic expression for the sum of n and 8?

Watch closely:The sum of 'n' and '8' is written as (n + 8).

What is the product and the sum of 3 and 20 written in a numerical expression?

20 x 3 = 60 20 + 3 = 23

How is 4 less a number written in an algebraic expression?

Remember,an expression is a problem without an answer.If it's a 4 less than a number,it should be 4<x.Hope this helps your problems!

How is 6 divided by a number written in algebraic expression?

Let x equal a number and let y equal the answer 6/x=y

What does yx2-6x 3 equals?

The interface does not handle symbols. Generally, algebraic expressions need to be written out with words like equals, plus, minus, multiplied by, divided by, etc. Also, please make sure you understand the difference between simplifying an expression and solving an equation.