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A biplane has two main wings, one above the other.

This is mainly on older planes though.

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Q: How is a biplane different from other planes?
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The 10 first planes to be built?

The first planes1.Orville And Wilbur Wright's Biplane (It looks like a biplane but actually a glider)2.4 BisNOTE:I only know 2 planes built so i may research to find the other first 8 planes

What is the definition fo biplane?

a biplane is an aeroplane with two sets of wings, one above the other.

How would one describe a biplane?

One would describe a biplane as a wing that can be used as a fixed wing for an aircraft, this has two wings that used biplane design to fly the aircraft one after the other. The other biplane in biology is a wing of some animals that can fly.

What were biplane used for?

first use: they were one of the first planes to fly successfully. They were used in ww1 and the first part of ww2. Now they are used in air clubs, air shows and as private planes

Are fighter planes different from normal planes?

Absolutely. Well, actually that depends what you consider a "normal airplane," however, fighters are very different from most other planes.

What is the wheel span of a biplane?

All biplanes have different wheelspans .

What makes the Cessna different from other small planes?

Cessnas have high wing, and most other small planes have low wing.

Why planes fly in different heights?

They have to stay away from other planes so flying at different heights gives them room. Several can be "stacked".

How does a actual biplane work?

A biplane works just the same as any other aircraft except it has much more wing area.

What is the airplane that the Wright brothers used?

It was a small bi plane. Biplane are planes that have two wings. This plane's design was not aerodynamic. It created much drag.

Did they land bi-planes on aircraft carriers?

Yes the very first carrier landing was on the Uss Langley and the pilots name was Ely. He was flying a Biplane.

What was the names of the planes Bessie Coleman flew?

Bessie Coleman flew a wide variety of aircraft but she mostly flew a Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" biplane .