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because the cylinder has a circular base and a triangular prism has a triangular base so they are both basic shapes.

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Both have uniform cross sections. Both have a pair of congruent parallel bases.

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Q: How is a cylinder and triangular prism alike?
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What is alike between triangular prism?

The two bases are alike.

What is different between a triangular prism and a cylinder?

A triangular prism has triangles as its bases...a cylinder has circles as its one fricken cares

Draw a cone cylinder and triangular prism WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE drawn?

It is not possible to draw a cone cylinder and triangular prism in this platform.

How many circular bases triangular prism?

None. By definition, a triangular prism has triangular bases. If it had circular bases it would be a circular prism (cylinder).

How do you spell a trianguluar cylinder?

A triangular cylinder would be a prism.

How is a cylinder and a prism alike and different?

Alike: Both Cylinder and Prism have the same corresponding Top and Bottom. This is the definition. A Cylinder can be considered as a prism with infinite no. of sides. Different: The side walls of any Prism are flat but that of a cylinder is curved.

Find the surface area of the right triangular prism?

the defnition of find the surface area of triangular prism and cylinder

Is a cube and cylinder alike?

yes! A cube is a type of prism. A prism is a subcategory of a cylinder. Then I cube is a type of cylinder

How are a cone and triangular prism alike?

They are both 3 dimensional objects

What 3D shape has 5 faces 9 edges 6 vertices?

A triangular prism.

What shape does a triangular prism have that a rectangular prism does not have?

A rectangular prism is a cuboid which has 8 vertices (corners), while a triangular prism has six verticesA triangular prism is like a cylinder but with triangles instead of circlesA rectangular prism is the same

How is a triangular pyramid alike a triangular prism?

A triangular pyramid is similar to a triangular prism because:These prisms have triangular bases.They have the sharp vertices on each side.These prisms also have quadrilateral faces or 4-sided faces!