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10/3 wire with 30 amp double pole breaker from panel box to water heater.

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Q: How is a hot water heater wired from the power source to the heater?
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If the heater fan doesn't work and all fuses are good as is the blower motor relay what's the problem with the heater fan?

Motors do go bad. Directly wiring the fan to a 12 volt power source will tell you if the motor is toast. If it won't work when directly wired to a power source, look for another motor.

Can i wire a water heater from 240 volt to 120 volt?

No. A water heater requires a 240 volt connection and cannot be re-wired to run on 120 volts. There isn't enough amperage in 120 volts to power the heating rods that are inside.

Why does a new hot water heater cut off breaker?

Somebody must have wired it incorrectly.

How do you know if you have a series circuit or parallel?

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Can a car amplifier be wired in a house to power subs?

yes but u would have to hook the amp up to a power source and ground it

where can i buy a reliable water heater?

You can find water heaters at any home improvement store. It's best to make sure your house is properly wired before you spend time and money investing in a new water heater.

How are loads or power -consuming devices wired?

Loads or power consuming devices are usually wired?

How are loads or power-consuming devices usually wired?

Loads or power-consuming devices are usually wired

How are loads or power consuming devices usually wired?

Loads or power-consuming devices are usually wired

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Car headlights can be used to illuminate work areas, crawl spaces, and other areas where AC power is not available. In order to use headlights, they must be wired to a car battery or some other source of DC power.

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If it has recently been wired in it has probibly not been wired in correctly. There are normally two power points for a car radio, one constant and another that works only when the ignition is on. By the sounds of it, it is wired into the constant power source, hence not switching off with the ignition.

Can a 100 amp sub main handle a 27 KW Electric water heater wired to 3 40 amp breakers?

You need to say what voltage the heater is running on (it's different in different countries).

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