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(a + b)/(a - b) = (c + d)/(c - d) cross multiply

(a + b)(c - d) = (a - b)(c + d)

ac - ad + bc - bd = ac + ad - bc - bd

-ad + bc = -bc + ad

-ad - ad = - bc - bc

-2ad = -2bc

ad = bc that is the product of the means equals the product of the extremes

a/b = b/c

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Q: How is a plus b over a minus b equals c plus d over c minus d?
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What are the terms of a quadratic equation?

x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4bc over 2a

What does 9k plus 4b minus 7 minus 5k plus b equals?

That depends what the values of k and b are.

In matrix multipliccation when does A plus B times A minus B equals A squared minus B squared?

All the time

If you know that AB plus B equals C what is the conclusion?

C minus B equals AB

If a equals 3 and bequals minus 5 then a minus b equals?

If a equals 3 and b equals minus 5 then a minus b equals what

What is communtative property?

Commutative, not communtative The mathematical property of being able to change the order of the numbers and not change the answer. A plus B equals B plus A (1 plus 3 equals 4, 3 plus 1 equals 4) A times B equals B times A (2 times 5 equals 10, 5 times 2 equals 10) Addition and multiplication are commutative operators A minus B is not necessarily equal to B minus A (6 minus 4 equals 2, 4 minus 6 equals minus 2) A divided B is not necessarily equal to B divided A (9 divided by 3 equals 3, 3 divided by 9 equals one-third) Subtraction and division are not commutative operators

What if you have the equation of y-1 equals x and you want it to b in y equals mx plus b?

the y-1 is a minus .

Find the numerical value for each symbol... a plus a plus a plus b equals a plus a plus b plus b plus b equals c plus c c minus a equals 6 What is the answer to this?

A=8 B=4 C=14 Yes, I know I'm a genius. Mak - the all knowing one. MWAHAHAH!

Calcuate the quantity of x and it's maximum error if x equals 6a plus 4b where a equals 40 tolerance is plus or minus 2 and b equals 20 plus or minus 2?

320 tolerance +/- 20 ? Did I get it right?

If a minus b equals c then what does b minus a equals?

a - b = c -(a - b) = -c b - a = -c

Can you help me simplify 20a plus 14-8a-7 and b plus 6b-2b?

20a plus 14 will be 34a minus 8a minus 7 34a minus 8 is 26a minus 7 is 19a. The single b is 1b plus 6b which is 7b minus 2b equals 5b.

What is average of A minus and B minus and B plus and B and C minus?

its B