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Well here are the steps: 1.get a paper,and a lamp 2.put the paper down. 3.Then put the lamp facing the paper. 4.Then put your hand under the lamp's light. DONE!!

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Q: How is a shadow formed on a paper?
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Why is the shadow formed by piece of grease paper different from the shadow formed by cardboard?

Grease paper is translucent. It let's a bit of light through but not all. Card board is opaque. It lets no light through. Therefore, the shadow cast by cardboard will be darker and more defined whereas the grease paper lets light through, making the shadow lighter and less focused.

How is a shadow formed?

A shadow is formed when light is blocked by an object.

When a shadow is formed does the object have to be opaque?

No, a shadow can still be formed if the object is translucent or transparent. The shadow may be lighter or less defined compared to an opaque object, but it will still be present.

What is the definition of shadow angle?

the angle at which a shadow is formed

What are necessary conditions for the shadow to be formed?

The shadow is formed when an object blocks light. Thus, the necessary conditions for a shadow to be formed are the presence of a source of light, an opaque object to block the light, and a surface on which the shadow is cast. The relative positioning of these elements affects the size, shape, and visibility of the shadow.

When is a smaller shadow formed?

at noon the shadow is point sized {smaller} and in morning and evening the shadow is the longest.

A picture formed by light?


Why is the shadow of an object formed at the opposite side of a light source?

The shadow of an object is formed on the opposite side of the light source because the light rays get blocked by the object, preventing them from reaching the surface where the shadow is formed. The shadow is cast in the direction where light cannot pass through the object.

What type of shadow would be formed by the great pyramid of Giza?

The shadow formed would be tetrahedrons with an nostalgic way of cooperating with the society at that time.

When does shadow cannot be formed?

In total darkness.

Did light have shadow?

No, light does not have a shadow itself. Shadows are formed when an object blocks light, creating an area without direct light behind it.

How one codition required for a shadow to be formed?