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they both have square bases

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Q: How is a square pyramid and cube alike?
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How is a square pyramid and a cube alike?

They are polyhedra. They have [at least] one square face.

How is a square pyramid and cube alike and different?

they r alike by having straight lines and they r dif by a pyramid having 3 side and a cube having 4

How are pyramids and cubes alike?

how are a cube and a pyramid alike

What is the difference of a cube and a square pyramid?

The difference is the shape. A cube is a 3D square. A square pyramid is a pyramid with for sides and a square on the bottom.

How many verticess does a square pyramid and a cube have?

Square pyramid: 5 Cube: 6

What figure has more edges a square pyramid or a cube?

A cube has 12 edges, a square pyramid has 8. So a cube.

Square is to Triangle as Cube is to?

Square is to cube, as triangle is to "triangular pyramid." Pyramid might refer to the common square pyramid, with a square base.

How many edges does a cube and square base pyramid?

Cube: 12, square based pyramid: 8

Is a square pyramid the same as a cube?

No, a square pyramid has a square as a base end the four edges end in the peak. The cube has 8 corners, the square pyramid has 5.

How many more faces does a cube have then a square pyramid?

1 a cube has 6 faces and a square pyramid has 5

How is a pyramid and a cube different?

the pyramid is a solid triangle. aka pyramid. A cube is well a solid square that is 3D. So is a pyramid.

How is a square pyramid and a cube different?

In a square pyramid, there are triangles as some of the sides. Only the base is a square, whereas in a cube, all faces are squares.

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