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Any angle that is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees is an acute angle.

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Q: How is acute angle measures to 82 degrees?
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The complement of an angle measures 82 degrees what is the measure of the angle?

An angle of 82 degrees would be complementary to an angle of 8 degrees. 82 + 8 = 90

What kind of angle is 82 degrees?

82 degrees is an acute angle because it is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees

What angle would be complementary to 82 degrees?

One that measures 8 degrees would.

What angle complements angle 82 degrees?

It is: 8 degrees because 82 degrees+8 degrees = 90 degrees

What is 98 degrees as a suplementry angle?

Its supplementary angle is 82 degrees because 82+98 = 180 degrees

What is the supplement of an 82 degrees angle?

the supplement of an 82 degrees angle would be 98 degrees. To find the supplement of an angle, take the degrees of the angle you were given and subtract it from 180.

What is the measure of an angle that is supplementary to an 82 degree angle?

It is: 180-82 = 98 degrees

If Angle A equals 83 degrees and angle B equals 15 degrees find angle C?

82 degrees (180 degrees in a triangle)

What is the fourth angle of a quadrilateral if the others measure 82 degrees 78 and 90 degrees?

110 degrees.

Find the angle which exceeds its complement by 8 degrees?

Angle + Its Complement = 90 degrees Angle = Its Complement + 8 degrees2*(Its Complement) + 8 degrees = 90 degrees2*(Its Complement) = 82 degreesIts Complement = 41 degreesAngle + 41 degrees = 90 degreesAngle = 49 degrees

Assume 11 and 12 are parallel. 3 measures 82 degrees how many degrees does 7 measure?


How do you make 82 degree angle with compass?

By bisecting an angle of 164 degrees or use the compass with the help of a protractor.

The smallest angle in a triangle is one-half the size of the largest The middle angle measures 25degrees less than the largest Find the measures of the three angles?

Sum of all the angles in the triangle has to be 180 degrees. Let's mark the largest angle as x. Then, smallest angle will be 0.5x and the middle one x-25. x + 0.5x +x - 25 = 180, which is after simplyfying: 2.5x = 205 x = 82 degrees -> the largest angle, x-25 = 57 degrees -> middle one, 0.5x = 41 degrees -> the smallest angle.

What type of angle is 82 degree?

An obtuse angle.* * * * *The last time I checked, 82 was still considered to be less than 90. And in that case, it is an acute angle, not obtuse.

What is 82 degrees Fahrenheit in centigrade?

82 degrees Fahrenheit = 27.78 degrees Celsius

What is the formula of a diameter on an 82 degree angle?

An angle does not have a diameter. The arms of an 82 degree angle can be as long as you like - infinite, even.

Convert 82 degrees Fahrenheit to celsius?

82 degrees Fahrenheit is 27.778 degrees Celsius.

What mountains are at 30 degrees north and 82 degrees east?

The Himalayas are at 30 degrees north and 82 degrees east.

Is 82 degrees hot or cold?

The answer depends on the scale. 82 degrees F is warm, 82 deg C is hot, and 82 deg R is very hot.

What is 82 F in Celsius?

82 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately equal to 27.78 degrees Celsius.

What is at 42 degrees north and 82 degrees west?

42 degrees north and 82 degrees west is In Lake Erie, south of Chatham-Kent.

Find the supplement of a 98 angle?

180-98=82 degrees so that is the supplement.Geometry tells us that two angles are supplementary if their sum is 180 degree. to find out the supplement of 82 degree we subtract: 180-82= 78 degree. Answer: the supplement of 82 degree is 78 degree.

What is the length of the miror arc with an angle of 82 degrees?

radius*82*pi/180 units. radius*82*pi/180 units. radius*82*pi/180 units. radius*82*pi/180 units.

When the angle of elevation to the sun is 26 degrees a flagpole casts a shadow that is 82 feet long. How tall is the flag pole?

It is nearly 40 feet

What state is 28 degrees n and 82 degrees west?

28 N 82 W is Florida.