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you cant divide mixed numbers

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Q: How is dividing mixed numbers like dividing fractions?
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How is dividing mixed numbers the same as dividing fractions?

A mixed number can be converted into an improper fraction. Mixed numbers as improper fractions can be divided just like any other fraction. To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction multiply the whole number by the denominator and add the original numerator to give the new numerator and put this over the original denominator.

How do you subtract fractions with mixed numbers and like denominators?

Convert them to improper fractions and proceed.

What are tha different kinds of fraction?

there are 3 types of fractions proper,improper,mixed proper fractions:-numerator is less than denominator like-2/3,5/7,6/9 improper fractions:- numerator is greater than denominator like-3/2,5/4,9/7 mixed fractions:-always improper fractions are converted to mixed fractions,mixed fractions are combination of proper fractions and whole numbers like-2.2/7,5.3/7

Do you have to have like demonanaters when dividing fractions?


How do you make forty three over eight a proper fraction?

Improper fractions, like 43/8, can become mixed numbers like 5 and 3/8, but they cannot become proper fractions.

When you multiply fractions with mixed numbers do you have to make the mixed number improper?

yes! its like saying 3.5 times 3 and 3 times 3 both equal 9!

How is adding fractions like adding whole numbers?

adding fractions is like adding a WHOLE lot of parts of numbers

How do you subtract mixed numbers and borrow from the whole number?

you subtract mixed numbers by changing them to improper fractions. to borrow from a whole number you take away one like 5 changes to 4 and then you change look to the other mixed number your subtracting by and write its denominator as 4s denominator.

Why is it necessary to convert mixed fractions to improper fractions before multiplying or dividing?

Multiplying mixed fractions is very cumbersome and prone to errors. Therefore, it is prudent to convert them to improper fractions. Once that is done, you may simply find the product of all the numerators and divide that by the product of all the denominators. Then you convert back to a mixed number. And there are lots of tricks -- like "canceling out" -- that you can do to simplify the multiplication. Unfortunately, those techniques are very difficult to demonstrate here. It would not be even if it is not an improper fraction and that's why you have to convert

What numbers are not integers?

Everything is, since there's no such thing as an "interger".If you'd like to discuss integers ... those are whole numbers. So they don't includeirrational numbers, transcendental numbers, mixed numbers, fractions in which thenumerator is not a multiple of the denominator, and any number with a decimal pointwhere the point is followed by anything other than all zeros.

What are the six kinds of fractions?

Well there are different kinds of fractions their are mixed numbers, regular fractions and improper fractionsThere are 5 kinds of fraction. Proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed number, unit fraction, and equivalent fractions. An example of a proper fraction is 3/4. An example of an improper fractions is 13/12. An example of a mixed number is 1 1/4. An example of a unit fraction is 1/3. An example of equivalent fractions is 4/8=1/2.I hope you like my answer... :)

Meaning of mixed numbers?

A mixed number is a number that contains both whole parts and fractions written like the example below: 2 1/2 which is 2 and a half (2.5)

How do you do change big improper fractions into mixed numbers like 174 over 13 in a quick way?

um i would just divide really fast :p

How is multiplying rational numbers like multiplying fractions and multiplying decimals?

Fractions and decimals are usually rational numbers. Besides, multiplying rational and irrational numbers is also similar.

Can 14 be written as a mixed number?

Whole numbers like 14 are not normally converted into mixed numbers

How do you put 506 into a mixed number?

Whole numbers like 506 are not normally expressed as mixed numbers

How do you divide mixed numbers with like denominators?

Written as improper fractions, divide the numerators (converting any resulting improper fraction to a mixed number if required).However, I would rather not remember this short cut as it could result in being used inappropriately (when the denominators are different), but instead stick to using the standard method, writing out the calculation in full and cancelling down before doing the actual multiplications.The same way as mixed numbers without like denominators:Convert the mixed numbers into improper (top heavy) fractions.Invert (turn upside down) the divisor.Multiply the fractions together (by multiplying the numerators together and the denominators together).However, with the same denominators, in inverting the divisor it will mean that its numerator is the same as the denominator of the [original] dividend and so will cancel, leaving the result as the numerator of the first improper fraction over the numerator of the second - dividing the improper fractions' numerators.

How do you add and subtract mixed number?

SUBTRACTION: You first turn both mixed numbers into improper fractions. If needed, change the denominators into like denominators. Next, subtract the two improper fractions and reduce if necessary. ADDITION: If needed, turn denominators so they are the same number. Next, add and reduce if necessary.

What are the similarities between rational numbers and fractions?

Rational numbers are, in essence, numbers that can be written as fractions using two integers (one for the numerator, the other for the denominator). Not all fractions are rational numbers, though; it is possible to write a pattern describing a fraction that goes on forever to represent irrational numbers like pi.

When do you use division?

it depends on what you are using it for like just normal division like 15 divided by 5. You can also use it in dividing fractions and when you need to get a mixed number, like when you get an improper fraction. You can ask your teacher about what i have just said or just search it on another website, Your Welcome! have a nice day

How To Divide polynomials?

Dividing polynomials is a lot easier for me. You'll have to divide it term by term like dividing normal numbers.

How do you change improper fractions into mixed numbers by dividing?

You divide the numerator by the denominator, and that gives you the answer. Say its 100/12, 100 divided by 12 is 8 with four leftovers. The four leftovers go into the numerator and the whole number becomes 8 so it looks like 8 4/12, then you simplify to 8 1/3 and your done.

What is a good song you can use for your math project?

My math teacher taught me a song for turning mixed numbers into improper fractions. It goes like this "Go down, Swing around, Keep the bottom number."

Do you have to regroup mixed numbers that have like denominators when subtracting them?


What do decimals and fractions have in common?

Fractions are a different form or decimals. They are both only in between whole numbers. Like 1/4 is .25 and these are both numbers in between 0 and 1

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