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Compasses make the job much easier!

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Q: How is graphing a circle easier than ellipses?
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Why is graphing easier than using elimination or substitution?

Graphing is not necessarily easier than elimination or substitution. If you are good at drawing graphs, and do not like algebra, then graphing is easier. However, elimination and substitution are much faster, and graphing can often get awkward when working with more complicated formulae.

How do you know whether to use an open circle or a closed circle when graphing an inequality?

If the inequality is > or< then it is an open circle. If it is greater than or equal to or less than or equal to, it is a closed circle.

Why do you need a graphing calculator?

Graphing calculators are true to their name: they can graph out equaitions. Letting the calculator graph out equations is a lot easier than plotting and drawing your own graph, but you do not NEED a graphing calculator. Besides that, their functions are similar to other scientific caculators.

What date did Johannes Kepler discover ellipses?

Kepler did not discover ellipses. In 1605 he discovered that the orbits of the planets were ellipses rather than perfect circles.

Why is graphing the solution of an inequality easier than listing all solutions?

so that you can easily tell what the answer is by extending the line on the graph instead of calculating it

What is the purpose of using a circle graph?

In a circle graph it is easier to see shares of the total than in other kinds of graphs.

What are the advantages of a circle graph?

it is more easier to see which subject has more than the other

Why is measuring the diameter of a circle easier than measuring the its circumference?

Because the diameter is a straight line.

Why is it easier to circle your wrist than to lift one leg up and draw a circle in the air?

It is easier because the legs carry the whole weight of the body and if you lift it for a longer time your balance will go.

How is graphing a linear inequality different than graphing a linear equation?

In an inequality, you have to shade a side of a line to see show if the possible answers are greater than or equal to it

How is graphing an inequality different than graphing an equation?

Not greatly. To graph an inequality, you start off graphing the corresponding equality. It is only then that you select one side or the other (with or without the graph itself), as the region of interest.

How easy can a dog get pregnant?


What advantages do you have when you use a circle graph?

Its easier to see which subject has more than the other so you dont have to look at it super close.

The discovery that the planetary orbits are ellipses rather than circles was made by?

Johann Kepler. 1609.

Why does your dog put his toys in a circle in the garden?

One small area is easier to protect from potential competitors than many small areas.

An ellipses following a menu item tells you what?

The convention is that ellipses following a menu item usually means that the menu item will open a dialog box with further choices, rather than immediately carrying out an action.

What arch is smaller than a circle?

less than one half the circle

What is smaller than a semi circle?

What ? Anything can be smaller than a semi-circle, depending on the size of thesemi-circle. Anything can also be bigger than a semi-circle, if the semi-circle issmall enough. The question is peculiar.

Why are Kelvins easier than Celsius to graph?

It depends on what you are graphing and the domain. If you are tracking daily temperature in your town, for example, the only difference will be in the y-intercept: that is how high or low your graph is. If you must show the origin on the chart, though, the vertical scale will be much greater. If graphing some aspect of thermodynamics, the Kelvin graph should be simpler because it is likely to go through the origin.

Is it colder at the Arctic Circle than the Antarctic Circle?


Is skiing easier than snowboarding?

Skiing is def. easier than snowboarding!

How do you change graphing calculator to greater than or equal to?

Yes, people can turn into mermaids, its totally possible!

What is one purpose of a circle graph?

circle graphs create a visual picture of a proportion compared to a whole. Sometimes it is easier to see 25% of this, 15 % of that, and 60 % of something in a circle graph than to hear someone verbally say it to you. Also, you can easily compare two percentages together.

Which circle is colder the Arctic or the Antarctic?

antarctic circle is colder than arctic circle

Meaning and example of Its easier said than done?

It is easier to talk about a task than do it.