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You use numbers to figure out things you might use daily.

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Q: How is math different from other subjects?
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How is maths different from other subjects?

Maths is different from other subjects as you use alot of numbers. Maths is also different as it is not taught like the other subjects it inclues puzzle, equations and other stuff. Maths can be fun, if taught in a certain way. Some math puzzles may look hard but can be overcome, there are many maths books out there that can help.

Is math harder than other subjects?


Is spelling good for learning math and other subjects in school?

other subjects in school dumbo

How math is related to other subjects?

Because in alot of subjects you use measurements and graphs/charts which is to do with maths

Why math was recommended for sciences?

That is because you will use a lot of math for sciences. If you don't know math well, you will have trouble following the different subjects. Several high-school math subjects require at least Algebra 1, college courses require much more advanced math.

How can math improve the world?

Math is not there to improve the world on its own. Math is there to support Physics, Englineering and other subjects which do improve the world.

how is geography different from other subjects [answers]?

geography works on landscapes of different areas unlike other subjects

What is integrated math?

Different subjects of math (e.g. algebra, geometry, algebra, number theory, calculus) that are integrated, or combined together.

What is the link between maths and other subjects?

Type your answer here... math is the language of other subject

What math related subjects can you do if you are strong with math?

Other than math subjects, such as geometry, algebra, calculus, etc., math is important in science, especially computer sciences, physics, and engineering. You may also be good at economics, business, and accounting. Music is also math-related, actually, and graphic design can be very math intensive. Architecture is also a good option.

How does grade 3 teachers use math daily?

Teachers use math when calculating grade and point values of assignments, when math relates to other subjects, when teaching math, and making a schedule.

Who is better Smart board or Clever Board?

The Smart-board is better because you can wirte on it and also do your subjects on it like Math Spelling and other subjects.

What subjects do you need to take to become a general practitioner?

A general practitioner must be versed in a wide number of subjects. They must have math, chemistry, anatomy, microbiology, and many other science related subjects.

How is geography different from other subjects?

I do not know

What subject is the most important in school and why and how?

Math because you use it all your life. Although the other subjects are important math is used everyday. Whether its for shopping, calculating, or working you use math.

What school subjects can people do if they have excellent math skills?


Are math and English the two main subjects in Norway?

Yes. Math and English is two of the 3 most important subjects in Norway.

Why do children often struggle with math in school?

There are many different reasons why children struggle with math in school. Some children are better at language and the creative subjects while others are better at hard facts and scientific or math subjects. How the child perceives each category may affect their ability or desire to learn more about it.

What subjects are needed to become an architect?

Subjects needed are physics and math.

What subjects is math in?


How do you choose what subjects to do?


What does math have to do with clothing?

clothing and math are two totally different subjects. to me math can go with anything. We just don't have the answers. Math could do with clothing by the measurements you use for the thread. Also how much it weights or how many nots you put into it.

Why is math tougher than English?

They arent tougher or easier than any other subject. It depends on the person. If your naturally born with a mind that's good at math. Then you'll do good in math and maybe other subjects. Really it depends on the person.

What subjects do you need to take to become a veterinary?

well you need math and science and you should probably learn a different language

Should you capitalize subjects in school?

Capitalize only language subjects (English, French, Spanish); Other subjects are not capitalized unless you are referring to specific subjects like Algebra 1, AP Physics. Example: My subjects are science, math, English and history.