How is math used in actuary?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: How is math used in actuary?
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What is the best career if you love math?


How is math used in being an actuary?

it is usedby asking a differnt source < haha jk well you need to have a very goood career in math bye

What is the best job for someone who is great with math?

-- actuary -- forensic accountant -- bookie -- physicist -- math teacher

Possible careers for math majors?

Statistician, Actuary, Economist, etc. A math major can take you many places in business.

What is correct to say actuary's desk or actuaries desk?

"actuary's desk" if there's only one actuary "actuaries' desk" if the desk belongs to/is used by more than one actuary

What is an acturist?

An acturist is actually called an 'actuary." An actuary is a person who make a living of studying uncertain future events. Generally, an actuary uses math, financial theories and statistics to study future events in relation to pension programs and insurance.

What is a associate actuary?

What is a associate actuary?

What subjects or majors can you do if you are good at math and enjoy math?

Engineering is a profitable career that mathematicians enjoy. There are many fields that rely on math, though. A high level insurance position called an actuary requires a lot of math. Many people who get into programming of computers are good at math.

How do you become an actuary in china?

Yeah how do you become a actuary?

What is the highest paying career for math majors?

actuary makes alot of money, but you need to take quite a few exams to really benfit from the field.

What is the term used for the insurance worker who calculates the statistics?

That person is called an actuary.

What jobs require numbers?

Being a math teacher! ========== Just about every job requires some math but some that are particularly math intensive include: Engineer Accountant Financial analyst Actuary Surveyor Physicist Chemist Software engineer System engineer ... and of course Mathematician