How is math used in judo?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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To know what weight division you and others are in.

To read how much time is left on the timer.

To know how far away/close to someone you have to be e.g. to strike you have to be about 6 ft away.

To know how much weight should on one side e.g. 51% or more weight should be one their left foot to do something.


All Martial Arts are driven by math and physics - torque, leverage, speed, momentum, timing, transfer of energy, acceleration - however most of it comes through intuitive application (you don't have to do several pages of equations in the middle of a bout).

When instructing engineers and technical people in techniques it is often easy to explain the "why we do it this way" points for kicks and takedowns and similar by discussing the math. It is more satisfactory for an instructor to do this rather than say "Because it works better"

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Q: How is math used in judo?
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