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speed and distance

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Q: How is math used in police officer?
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How often is math used in by a police officer?

Daily, even hourly.

What math skills do you need to become a police officer?

math skills as officer

What type of math is required to be a police officer?

(in the US) graduation from high school is sufficient to qualify for employment as a police officer. Therefore -the answer would be that whatever math is taught in secondary school is sufficient to become a police officer.

What type of math is do you need to become a police officer?

Basic math is sufficient.

How is math use when somebody die?

how do police officer use math when somebody die

Do you need math to become a police officer?

Yes - hard to think of any occupation that doesn't use math in some form.

When would you need math as a police officer?

what direction the car was moving

What level of math do you need to be a police officer?

Math 13Added: Whatever the math requirement is in your state to qualify you for graduation from high school.

What do police officer use math for?

Math is used by police officers as a part of many investigations. Measurements and calculations are very often needed for a traffic accident or investigation of a crime scene. The forensic experts use math to determine how and when some crimes have occurred.

In what jobs is math used i have to do a research for math class?

in all different jobs like eing a laywer,football player,police officer,bueaty stylist, because of checks and money

What is a police informer?

The term is usually used to mean a person who is not a police officer that regularly gives information about crimes to the police.

What can a police officer ask you if you are a police officer?

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

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