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speed and distance

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Q: How is math used in police officer?
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How often is math used in by a police officer?

Daily, even hourly.

What level of math do you need to be a police officer?

(in the US) graduation from high school is sufficient to qualify for employment as a police officer. Therefore -the answer would be that whatever math is taught in secondary school is sufficient to become a police officer.

How is math use when somebody die?

how do police officer use math when somebody die

Do you need math to become a police officer?

Yes - hard to think of any occupation that doesn't use math in some form.

When would you need math as a police officer?

what direction the car was moving

What do police officer use math for?

Math is used by police officers as a part of many investigations. Measurements and calculations are very often needed for a traffic accident or investigation of a crime scene. The forensic experts use math to determine how and when some crimes have occurred.

In what jobs is math used i have to do a research for math class?

in all different jobs like eing a laywer,football player,police officer,bueaty stylist, because of checks and money

What is a police informer?

The term is usually used to mean a person who is not a police officer that regularly gives information about crimes to the police.

Is Leon Scott Kennedy a police officer still or no?

No, Leon Scott Kennedy used to be a police officer but now he's an American special agent.

What is the possessive of police officer?

The possessive form of the noun police officer is police officer's.Example: The police officer's car blocked the escape of the suspect.

What is an abbreviation for officer as in police officer?

For the word Officer the abbreviation is "OFC." For Police Officer, the abbreviation is "P.O."

What is the plural form for police officer?

Police Officers