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money is related to math in India because the only math they di their is on money because of how much people are fond of money there

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Q: How is money related to math in India?
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How was the money related to math?

Math is related to numbers and money is counted in numbers.

How is math related to accounting?

Math is related to accounting because they both pertain to numbers. Accounting deals with money amounts, which is a large part of math.

How is aeropostale clothes related to math?

consumers purchase clothing, we use money to purchase items

How are rocks related to math?

Rocks are related to math because of geology and in geology you use math.

How is dancing related to math?

The patterns they dance is related to math. How their body moves are related to math. How the brain signals our body to move is related to math. and... there are much more..

How is an eclipse and math related?

It is math related because the eclipse is science and the days are math because you have to count the days and math.

How are clocks related to math?

On units of 12

How is population related to math?

Population is related to math because it uses percentage

What does money have to do with math?

Money has everything to do with math. You need math to count money. You have to know math so you know how much money you have, what you can buy with that much money, and when you don't have enough money to buy something.Math has to do with math because if you go to the store and they tell you a price, then you pay and they tell you heres youre cahnge but its not correct you need math..

Examples of antonyms that are related in math?

The Exmaples of Antonyms related in Math is: . . . Plus-Minus . . . . :)

How math is related to math 3D snowflake?

it is related because a snowflake is a symmetrical shape

How does a person that works in a bank invole math?

They work with money and money is math.