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There is no intrinsic difference. Either can be named using the names of any two points on them, or using any letter or symbol of any alphabet - including symbols that you have made up.

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Q: How is naming a ray different from naming a line?
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How is naming a ray similar or naming a line?

naming a line is different from naming a ray. say for example ,if we have line AB,this is similar to line BA while ray AB is different from ray BA.

How is naming a line segment different from naming a line?

a line segment has two points on it that limits its lengths. A line has an infinite with no endpoints.

When naming a ray the endpoint is written first?

When naming a ray the endpoint is written first.

Is ray different from segment?

A ray is different from a segement because a ray is half of a line and does not end in one side only but the segement it is half of a line that ends.

How is a line a line segment and a ray are different?

A line segment has a finite length. A ray extends to infinity in one direction.

How is a ray different from line?

a line goes on and on from both sides wherehas a ray goes o and on only from one side.

How is a line line segment and a ray different?

line segments have two definite points, A and B, a ray has has only one definite point and the over indefinite point is a continuous line

Can you upgrade a ps2 into a ps3?

no they are completely different. The PS2 does not have the power, Blu-ray disc drive and Harddrive just to start naming the differences.

How was the red star line different from the white star line?

One thing was the naming of the vessels. Many names ended with "Land" Like the Lapland and the Belgenland.

What is the different between a ray and a half line?

A ray starts at a point and extends forever in ONE direction. A line starts at a point and extends forever in TWO directions.

What is a mantis ray?

Its a type of stingray which inspired the naming of the cygnus constellation. ((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))

How are lines rays and line segments alike?

They are alike because a ray is part of a line, a segment is part of a line, and a line is basically a line. They are different because a segment has two end points; a ray has one, and a line is a group of points on a straight path that extends to infinity like a ray extends to infinity in one direction

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