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The most common type of statistic would possibly be a batting average in Baseball.

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Q: How is statistics applied in sports?
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Why is statistics applied in education?

Because statistics is included in the study of mathematics.

What is applied statistics?

ice cream

How can statistics be applied in payroll?

Statistics are applied to payroll in many different ways. The determination of the unemployment rate is found by applying payroll statistics. Without applying statistics to payroll the unemployment rate would not be found.

Muhammad Ali Sports statistics?

he was the champion

What is social statistics?

Social statistics is the use of statistics applied to people and their behaviors, habits, and opinions. The most common way to acquire social statistics is through polls and surveys.

Where can you find statistics on the most popular sports?

In wikipedia


People do sports statistics every team that a game is played. Any time a game is played, there are statistics for each player on the team, and the game goes in to the team's record as a win or loss.

What services are offered by Spor3?

Spor3, a Turkish based company, provides sports statistics for all mainstream professional sports. Besides statistics, Spor3 also also provides general sports news coverage.

How are physics applied in sports?

With Biomechanics

What are the release dates for Assignment Discovery - 1992 Statistics and Data Analysis in Sports?

Assignment Discovery - 1992 Statistics and Data Analysis in Sports was released on: USA: 2007

How is math used in Recreational Therapy?

I'm not sure how statistics is applied to the job, but I was researching for a math project, and statistics is used.

What is the nature of statistic?

The nature of statistics is such that it gives logical methods of understanding data. Statistics are practically applied in all sectors.