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Q: How is subtracting algebraic expressions like subtracting integers?
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How do you know if you will subtract or add in simplifying algebraic expressions?

Only like terms can be subtracted or added in algebraic expressions.

What is the rules for subtracting integers with like signs?

They become positive integers for instance - - 2 = 2

How do you silmplify algebraic expressions?

Multiply out all the brackets (parentheses) and then combine like terms.

What is the difference between a numerical expression and a algebraic expression?

Numerical expressions solely include numbers, while algebraic expressions may contain a variable like x. An example of a numerical expression is 1+2 and an example of an algebraic expression is 2x+3y=0.

Rules in subtracting like and unlike sign?

to subtrct integers ,rewrite as adding opposites and use the rules for addtion of integers..

How is subtracting integers like adding integers?

It's pretty much the exact same. Subtracting is the same as adding a negative number. Foe example, five minus three is the same as five plus negative three.

What is a process for evaluating expressions called?

Algebraic expressions can be simplified by combining together like terms but there are no solution because they don't contain equality signs

How is adding to negative integers the same as and different from subtracting two positive integers?

No- adding negative numbers is like adding positive numbesr , except the answer is negative.

What are some examples of algebraic expressions used in everyday life?

is in the weather, when u get a test its like 99\100 .... and like the prices..

How is combining like terms similar to adding and subtracting square roots?

In surd form, square roots need to be have the same radical term before you can add or subtract them. However, unlike in algebraic expressions, it is possible to add or subtract square roots using approximate (decimal) values.

Why do you need to rewrite the given scientific notation in the same power of 10?

If you are adding or subtracting two numbers in scientific notation the exponents must be the same before adding the coefficients. This is similar to 'like terms' in algebraic expressions. You can't add 5x3 and 3x2 because the exponents are not the same.

How do you add and subtract algebraic expressions for example My homework says which expression represents the perimeter in units of this trapezoid?

To add and subtract algebraic expressions the simple rule of like terms applies. In your homework that asks for the expression represents the perimeter in units of this trapezoid you will need to find the like terms and simplify.