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The Cartesian plane is used for coordinated geometry.

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Q: How is the Cartesian planes used?
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How do you calculate cartesian coordinate system?

cartesian coordinate isn't a system. the graphs you put on the cartesian coordinate plane can be systems. these graphs can be anything you want them to be. and they are calculate different every time. the thing to remember about cartesian coordinate planes is the you plot the points of (x,y)

Parts of the cartesian plane?

The parts of the cartesian plane are:y-axis or abscissa and x-axis or ordinateoriginQuadrant I,II,III,IVpositive and negative infinitiesthe pointsthe linesthe planes

What describes the two lines in a Cartesian coordinate system?

The labelling of the lines tells you what they represent.

What is the cartesian coordinate system used for?

Cartesian coordinate system is used for map making, GPA for cars.

What are the professions that uses a Cartesian Plane in their basic jobs?

What are the professions that uses Cartesian Plane in their jobs? What are the professions that used Cartesian Plane in their job?

What are the uses of Cartesian Plane in real life?

Cartesian Planes are usually used to section off certain objects in sciences such as archaeology and lab biology. These typically only deal with the first quadrant. Geography also has use for the Cartesian Plane by stretching it across the globe and making maps. Latitude and Longitude are recorded as ordered pairs. Statisticians also use Cartesian Planes to track information and trends. Physicists, Economists, Engineers, and field biologists often do the same by allowing time to be x and some other factor to be y. This allows them to represent data in a way that makes more sense to the human mind than a long chart of numbers.

What 3-D is in relation to the Cartesian coordinate system?

The Cartesian coordinate system can be used in 3 or more dimensions.

Why are the coordinate planes called cartesian planes?

They are named after the man who invented them, it is said that he was sick, lying in bed watching a fly zig zag above him and he realised he could plot the location of the fly on a plane marked with co-ordinates.

What is the importance of cartesian plane?

The Cartesian plane is important inasmuch that it is used in coordinated geometry for plotting straight line equations as an example

Is a cartesian plane the same as a cartesian coordinate?

The cartesian coordinates are plotted on the cartesian plane

A cartesian plane is used to designate what?

The name Cartesian is derived from the name Descartes, after its creator, Rene Descartes. In math, a Cartesian plane is the entire field of a graph. The horizontal number line is called the x-axis, and the vertical line is called the y-axis. You will only have a Cartesian plane if these two intersect. If it is a straight line graph, it is not a Cartesian plane.

What are Cartesian Planes?

Well... It's a graph system that can be 2d (like, a graph) or 3d (with 4 graph things in a square formation). It can be used in many ways... The people on Wiki Answers are sooooo retarted that they didn't answer any of 'em. So... yah.