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they are both 3D but different shapes

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Q: How is the cube and cylinder alike different?
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How are the shapes alike and different for a cube and a cylinder?

They are alike because they are both 3 dimensional. They are different because the cube has 6 flat faces, but the cylinder has only 2 flat faces and one curved face.

Is a cube and cylinder alike?

yes! A cube is a type of prism. A prism is a subcategory of a cylinder. Then I cube is a type of cylinder

How are cube and cylinder alike?

They are alike because they are both 3-D shapes

What are two ways that a cylinder and cube are alike?

They are both three dementinal

How are a cube a rectangular prism and a cylinder alike?

They are all, technically, prisms.

How are a cube and a rectangular prism alike and are they different?

a cube is a 3d pop out type of figure,and a retangluar prism is wider and more retangle than a cube. A cube and a square are alike because they are the same shape but they are different size angles and shaps on there verices.

How squares and cubes are alike and different?

square is 2D cube is 3D a cube consists of six squares

How are a cube and a rectangular prism alike and different?

They are alike, because they both have square bottoms. They are different, because the rectangular prism is longer.

How are a cube and a cylinder the same and different?

They both have faces

How is a cylinder and a prism alike and different?

Alike: Both Cylinder and Prism have the same corresponding Top and Bottom. This is the definition. A Cylinder can be considered as a prism with infinite no. of sides. Different: The side walls of any Prism are flat but that of a cylinder is curved.

How is a square pyramid and cube alike and different?

they r alike by having straight lines and they r dif by a pyramid having 3 side and a cube having 4

How are a cube and a rectangle alike?

they are not alike. A rectangle is 2 dimensional, a cube is 3 dimensional