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0.00002 written in word form is two hundred thousandths.

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Q: How is the decimal 0.00002 written in word form?
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Related questions

How is the decimal 5.267 written in word form?

The decimal 5.267 written in word form is: five and two hundred sixty-seven thousandths.

how do you write 17.31 in decimal form?

You already have written it as a decimal. The word form would be seventeen and thirty-one hundredths.

How is the decimal 3.100 written in word form?

Three and one-tenth

How is decimal 0.00000000001793 written in word form?

0.00000000001793 written in word form is: one thousand seven hundred ninety-three hundred-trillionths.

What is the decimal 24.14 written in word form?

Twenty four and fourteen hundredths.

Is it true or false that when a number is written in word form the decimal point is indicated by the word point?


How do you write 0.10 in decimal word form?

0.10 in decimal word form is one tenth.

How do you write the decimal 1.14 in word form?

The decimal 1.14 in word form is: one and fourteen hundredths.

How do you write 3.56 in word form?

3.56 in word form is three point five six or three and fifty-six hundredths. "And" denotes the decimal point in written form.

How do you write 3.56 word form?

3.56 in word form is three point five six or three and fifty-six hundredths. "And" denotes the decimal point in written form.

How is the decimal 0.4443 written in word form?

nought point four four four three

What is decimal 2.778 written in word form?

Two and seven hundred seventy-eight thousandths.

42.013 written in decimal numbers in word form?

Forty two and thirteen one-thousandths.

How do you do decimal word form?

The number before the decimal point is written in word form without suing "and". Next an "and is used where the decimal point appears. Then the number after the decimal point is written out in word form (again, without using "and"). Finally, the inverse power of ten is written and this is based on the number of digits after the decimal point.For 1 digit: tenths 2 digits: hundredths 3 digits: thousandths 4 digits: ten thousandths 5 digits: hundred thousandths 6 digits: millionths and so on.

How do you write 0001 in word form?

without the decimal point in front of the 0s, it would be written one. It there is a decimal point before the first 0, it is written one ten-thousandth.

How do you write 003 in decimal word form?

003 = 3 and in word form it is "three". There is no such thing as a decimal word!

What is 634.72 in decimal word form?

634.72 is written as: six hundred thirty-four and seventy-two hundredths.

How is the decimal 7.24 written in word form?

Seven and twenty four hundredths

How do you write eighteen hundredths in word form?

That IS the word form. The decimal form is 0.18

When a decimal is written in word formwhat indicates that the equivalent form is a mixed number and not a fraction explain?

The word "and" is used to separate the integer part from the fractional part.

How do you write 0.981 in decimal word form?

0.981 in decimal word form is: nine hundred eighty-one thousandths.

How do you write 5.9 in word form?

5.9 in word form is five point nine (or in some counties "five decimal nine" "or 5 comma nine") or five and nine tenths.

What 412.638 examped form using decimal form?

The word "examped" is not recognised. Furthermore, 412.638 is already in decimal form.

How us 23.505067 written in decimal word form?

Twenty-three and five hundred five thousand sixty-seven millionths.

How do you write 7.880 in word form?

The word form of 7.880 is: seven and eighty-eight hundredths.