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It could be the area formula for a rectangle which is: area = length times width

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Q: How is the equation a is equal to l times w a formula?
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Is P equals l times V an expression or formula?

its a equation

What does L equal in the equation 139 plus L plus 982 equals 1388?

L = 267

What are the values of m when l equal two?

You need to show the equation. It makes a difference.

What is l times w times height equal volume?

it is the volume

What is the formula for the ruler method of volume?

l times width times height

The Perimeter of a rectangle is 600 The length of the rectangle is 2 more than 3 times the width?

The perimeter is the total length of the two equal lengths ,L, and the two equal widths ,W,. So the formula is: 600 = 2L + 2W . The other information is put in equation form as: L = 3W + 2. So here you have two eqations in the two unknowns L & W. Use your algebra skills to solve these equations simultaneously to find the unknowns. Once you know L & W then you can find the area(if you want) from the area formula ; A = LW .

What is the formula of area?

the formula of area is l*w or length (times) or ''x'' width

L times w is what formula?

area or square and rectangle.

How do you turn this into an equation The perimeter of a rectangle is 126cm The rectangle is twice as long as it is wide What are the dimensions?

the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is p = 2W + 2L, where L is the length and W is the width, so your first equation is 126 = 2W + 2L"twice as long as it is wide" means that the length L is 2 times the width W, so your second equation is L = 2WIn order to solve for the dimensions, you can substitute L for 2W in the first equation to get:126 = L + 2L126 = 3LL = 126/3L = 42and because L = 2W:42 = 2WW = 42/2W = 21

Write balanced equation for KCIO3 yields KCL O2 and unbalanced reaction?

The actual formula is KClO3 (with a lowercase L) Balanced equation: 2KClO3 --> 2KCl + 3O2

1 milliliter equal how many L?

0.001 l Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula 1 ml*1 l 1000 ml=0.001 l

Whats the formula for area?

length(L) times(x) width (w)

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