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Nine to the fourth power is written as 94, and is expanded as 9 x 9 x 9 x 9.

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Q: How is the exponential expression nine to the fourth power written in expanded form?
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How many ways can 64 be written in exponential form?

In exponential form, 64 can be expressed in at least four ways. These are 64 raised to the first power, 2 raised to the sixth power, 4 raised to the fourth power, and 8 raised to the second power.

What is the expression of 6 to the fourth power?

6 to the fourth power means that to multiply 6 by itself four times i.e. 6 x 6 x 6 x 6. This is how 6 to the fourth power is written: 64. The answer to 64 is 1,296.

How do you write the expression of one fourth of two times seven?

Well "of" means multiplication, so it would be written as such: 1/4(7*2)

What is 20x20x20x20 in exponential form?

20 raised to the fourth power or 20*4 (where * is used as the symbol for exponentiation)

What is 6.4 10 to the fourth power in expanded form?

6.4*104 = 64,000

What is the exponent in the expression -4 to the fourth power?

4 (from "the 4th power")

What is one to the fourth power?

One to any power is still one. If the power is positive, you have 1 times itself over and over again, so it does not change. If the power is zero, the answer is always one, no matter the number. If the power is negative, you find the reciprocal of the expression and make the power positive. If the base of the exponential expression is 1, it is always one.

What is the exponential form of a decimal number?

example 0.0081 the exponential form is (8 times 1/10 raise to the third power)+(1 times 1/10 raise to the fourth power)

What is one-fourth of a number n in an algebraic expression?

Not sure about one forth, but one fourth is (1/4)*n or n/4.

What does fourth exponential means in math?

If you mean: 54 it means 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 625

What does Quatermary mean?

fourth rank or order; Of a mathematical expression containing e.g. x

How do you write the square root of x in exponential form?

The square root of x can also be written as x^1/2. The cubic root of x is x^1/3, the fourth root x ^1/4, and so on.

Which constitutional Amendment expanded the right to vote?

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How would you write the algebraic expression the product of the fourth power of a and the second power of b?


What is the algebraic expression for add one - fourth to 2 times x?

1/4 + 2x

How do you solve x to the fourth minus 17 divided by x plus 2?


How do you write fourth hundredths in expanded form?

0.04 = (0 x 1) . (0/10) + (4/100)

What is the expanded form of two to the fourth power?

2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16

How do you write decimals in exponential form?

Here is an example: 0.36107 = 3x101 + 6x102 + 1x103 + 0x104 + 7x105. (you could omit the fourth term, 0x104.)

Which expression is a fourth root of negative 1 plus sqrt3?


Algebraic expression of a number divided by two less three-fourth?

x/2 - 3/4

What is fourth fifths divided by three sevens in a multiplacation expression?

4/5 * 7/3 = 1.87

What expression is equivalent to x to the negative fourth power?

the answer would be .000X because if the power is negative than the answer will be a decimal.

How would you write the algebraic expression for one fourth the difference of a number and 7?

1/4 ( x-7)

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Sharon Butala has written: 'The fourth archangel'