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First take a piece of thread having length of 10 yards.

Weight it. then devide it at 10. now you have the weight of one yard.

now multiply it to your desired length.

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Q: How is the length of thread cone calculated?
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What is cone thread?

Cone thread is thread typically used on an overlock "serger" machine. It is thread wound on a cardboard or plastic cone, and is much bigger than a standard thread spool.

Calculating thread size of any bolt?

Thread size of bolts is calculated by measuring the depth, width, and length of the threads. This helps to identify specific bolts and patterns.

What is the length of a tea bag thread?

A tea bag thread measures a few centimeters or inches in length.

How do you find the length of a cone?

Measure it!

How do you find the circumference of a ball?

Put a thread arround the ball and measure the thread's length.

What is length of thread?

How long is a piece of string? - twice as long as half its length.

Formula for area of cone?

Curved surface area of a cone = pi*radius*slant length

Suface area of cone?

Curved surface area of a cone = pi*radiud*length of slant

Where do you find a large spool holder and bobbins for a EuroPro 9106?

Sorry, I have no idea where you are, to suggest any place for you. But there are times when I need to hold a large 'cone' of thread at my sewing machine. Put the cone of thread in a large container, and running the thread through the 'eye' of a safety pin ( that you would tape to the sewing machine ) and run the thread past the stem where a spool of thread would normally sit, then thread the machine as usual. It works very well. I hope this is helpful for you.

What is a lateral area of a cone formula?

The curved surface area of a cone is: pi*radius*slant length.

1000 m spool of thread is what stitch count?

This question cannot be answered. It is the thickness of the thread that matters, not the length.

Define Warp and a weft?

wrap is the length wise of longitudinal thread in a row while weft is the transverse thread.

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