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Mean and standard deviation are not related in any way.

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Q: How is the mean related to standard deviation?
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If quartile deviation is 24. find mean deviation and standard deviation?

Information is not sufficient to find mean deviation and standard deviation.

A standard normal distribution has a mean of and standard deviation of?

Mean 0, standard deviation 1.

What is the mean and standard deviation for the standard normal curve?

Mean = 0 Standard Deviation = 1

Relation between mean and standard deviation?

Standard deviation is the variance from the mean of the data.

Can standard deviation be greater than mean?

Standard deviation can be greater than the mean.

What is the difference between standard error of mean and standard deviation of means?

Standard error of the mean (SEM) and standard deviation of the mean is the same thing. However, standard deviation is not the same as the SEM. To obtain SEM from the standard deviation, divide the standard deviation by the square root of the sample size.

What does one standard deviation mean?

Standard deviation is a measure of variation from the mean of a data set. 1 standard deviation from the mean (which is usually + and - from mean) contains 68% of the data.

Is the standard deviation best thought of as the distance from the mean?

No. A small standard deviation with a large mean will yield points further from the mean than a large standard deviation of a small mean. Standard deviation is best thought of as spread or dispersion.

Is the standard deviation dependent on the mean?

Yes. Consider the definition of the standard deviation. It is the square root of the variance from the mean. As a result, it can be said that the standard deviation is dependent on the mean.

How do you calculate standard deviation using median?

You cannot because the standard deviation is not related to the median.

What does the standard deviation tell us about the mean?

The standard deviation tells us nothing about the mean.

What is the difference between standard deviation and mean?

The mean is the average value and the standard deviation is the variation from the mean value.

Is the standard deviation the same as the mean of absolute distances from the mean?

no the standard deviation is not equal to mean of absolute distance from the mean

How standard deviation and Mean deviation differ from each other?

There is 1) standard deviation, 2) mean deviation and 3) mean absolute deviation. The standard deviation is calculated most of the time. If our objective is to estimate the variance of the overall population from a representative random sample, then it has been shown theoretically that the standard deviation is the best estimate (most efficient). The mean deviation is calculated by first calculating the mean of the data and then calculating the deviation (value - mean) for each value. If we then sum these deviations, we calculate the mean deviation which will always be zero. So this statistic has little value. The individual deviations may however be of interest. See related link. To obtain the means absolute deviation (MAD), we sum the absolute value of the individual deviations. We will obtain a value that is similar to the standard deviation, a measure of dispersal of the data values. The MAD may be transformed to a standard deviation, if the distribution is known. The MAD has been shown to be less efficient in estimating the standard deviation, but a more robust estimator (not as influenced by erroneous data) as the standard deviation. See related link. Most of the time we use the standard deviation to provide the best estimate of the variance of the population.

How are the mean and standard deviation affected by an outlier?

The mean is "pushed" in the direction of the outlier. The standard deviation increases.

Can the mean be less than the standard deviation?

In general, a mean can be greater or less than the standard deviation.

Does standard deviation and mean deviation measure dispersion the same?

No. The average of the deviations, or mean deviation, will always be zero. The standard deviation is the average squared deviation which is usually non-zero.

The mean number is 14 with a standard deviation of 2.5 How many standard deviations is 16.50 from the mean?

16.5 is 1 standard deviation from the mean. If you add the mean of 14 to the 1 standard deviation of 2.5, the result is 16.5.

What is standard deviation of the mean?

If repeated samples are taken from a population, then they will not have the same mean each time. The mean itself will have some distribution. This will have the same mean as the population mean and the standard deviation of this statistic is the standard deviation of the mean.

What does standard deviation describes?

Standard deviation describes the spread of a distribution around its mean.

In practice which one do you think is easier to adjust the mean or the standard deviation?

the standard deviation

What is the definition of standard deviation?

Standard deviation is how much a group deviates from the whole. In order to calculate standard deviation, you must know the mean.

What does it indicate if the mean is greater than the standard deviation?

It does not indicate anything if the mean is greater than the standard deviation.

Does the size of the standard deviation of a data set depend on where the center is?

Yes it does. The center, which is the mean, affects the standard deviation in a potisive way. The higher the mean is, the bigger the standard deviation.

The mean of A is 14 with a standard deviation of 4.2. The mean of B is 16 with a standard deviation of 4.4 Which is more dispersed?

B because the spread, in this case standard deviation, is larger.