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It is not, so the question is misguided.

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Q: How is the number in the question is less than 800 but greater than 780 it has 8 more tens than ones 798?
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Is a number with more digits always greater?

No. .0123445553432 is far less than 100.

Which is greater 0.123or 0.1002?

0.123 is greater. Even though 0.1002 has more digits the placement makes the number much less.

In division why should the remainder not be greater then the divisor?

If the remainder is greater than the divisor then you can divide it once more and get one more whole number and then have less remainders.

How do you know if a fraction is less than or greater than 1?

If the numerator (top number) is more than the denominator (bottom number), then the fraction is greater than one.

Is 1.35 greater or less than 0.693?


If 6 more than the product of a number and -2 is greater than 10 what could be that number?

the number is less than or equal to -3

Which number rounded to the nearest 10 is 250?

Either a number greater than 250 but less than 255 Or a number less than 250 but more than or equal to 245

Is 11942 greater less than or equal than to 1942.0?

In this case, the number with more digits (to the LEFT of the decimal point) is the larger number.

Is 0.003 less than or greater than 0.02?

Less. More decimal places to the right of the decimal point means the number is getting smaller.

Is 1.05 greater than 1.5?

No it isn't! 1.5 is greater because if you add a zero in front of it, it sort of dilutes it. The more zeros that you put in front of a number, the less greater it will be.

What will make an object accelerate faster one with less inertia or more momentum?

If an object has more momentum, it has either a greater mass or a greater velocity. If an object has less inertia, it has less mass. So am object with less inertia will accelerate faster than one with greater momentum because of a greater mass, assuming the same force of acceleration is applied to both. However, if the greater momentum is due to greater velocity, not enough information has been provided to answer the question.

What is the numbers that are more than 25 percent and less than 60 percent?

That would be every number greater than 0.25 and less than 0.6 . There are an infinite number of them.

What is the number if it is less than 800 but greater than 780 and it has 8 more tens than ones?


Am a number less than 59. I am greater than 48. My ones digit is 2 more than my tens digit?

The number is 57.

What is the prime number greater than 6 but less than 97?

There is no "the" prime number in that range - there are 21 of them. If you want "the" prime number you will need to be more specific.

What happens when you lower a pH solution?

greater the number of oxygen,more acidic the solution,more basic the solution ,less toxic the solution

Do surfaces touch more when there is less force or greater force?

Greater force

Is a positive number less or more?

a positive number is more, not less.

Why is any number with the most digits greater?

It is greater because with more digits the greater the value of the number will be.

Is 1.5 greater or less than 1.05 Explain?

the answer is 1.5 is greater than 1.05 because 1.05 is the same as 1.5 but when u add a 0 in the front, it makes the number less than the way it was before the more zeros u put in front the less the number will get.

If a number is greater than 1 would three times that number be less than equal to or greater than3?

If a number is more than 1, then three of it must be more than 3.(If I give you more than a dollar three times, you certainly wind up with more than $3.)

What is the answer to this riddle my ones number is five more than your tens number It is greater than twety-five but less than thirty-five?


Is 1423 a significant number?

From the amount of information provided in the question, it is no more or less significant than any other number.

Is 1000 a significant number?

From the amount of information provided in the question, it is no more or less significant than any other number.

Is 1400 a significant number?

From the amount of information provided in the question, it is no more or less significant than any other number.