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If the top row of Pascal's triangle is "1 1", then the nth row of Pascals triangle consists of the coefficients of x in the expansion of (1 + x)n.

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Q: How is the pascal triangle and the binomial expansion related?
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Discovered Pascal's triangle and binomial expansion before Pascal?

yang hui discovered pascal's triangle it was discovered 300 years later by pascal

What is the relationship between Pascal triangle and binomial theorem?

The coefficients of the binomial expansion of (1 + x)n for a positive integer n is the nth row of Pascal's triangle.

What are the applications of pascal's triangle?

For binomial expansions. (When you have to multiply out many brackets, binomial expansion speeds things up greatly).

What is the comparison between pascal triangle expansion and binominal expansion?

Pascal's triangle shows the constant for each term if the equation is (x+y) to a number, which is the line number in Pascal's triangle, for a binomial expansion you can use Pascal's triangle but you have to multiply that by the constants on x and y raised to x's and y's exponent multiplied by the number the binomial is being raised to. (ax^b + cy^d) ^e = the number in Pascal's triangle for e times (a^ (b times e)) times (c ^(d times e)) which gives the constant for that term

What is the significance of Pascal's triangle?

It generates binomial coefficients.

What is another name for pascals triangle?

The expanded binomial is another name for Pascal's triangle.

What did Blaise Pascal invent?

Blaise Pascal (France, 1623-1662) His inventions include the hydraulic press and the syringe.Hope this helps!Pascal was a mathematician in the 17th century. He described Pascal's Triangle, possibly one of the easiest methods of binomial expansion.

What triangle was Blaise Pascal credited for?

Pascal continued to influence mathematics throughout his life. His Traité du triangle arithmétique ("Treatise on the Arithmetical Triangle") of 1653 described a convenient tabular presentation for binomial coefficients, now called Pascal's triangle.

What is Binomial Expansion and how does it relate to Pascal's Triangle?

The binomial expansion is the expanded form of the algebraic expression of the form (a + b)^n.There are slightly different versions of Pascal's triangle, but assuming the first row is "1 1", then for positive integer values of n, the expansion of (a+b)^n uses the nth row of Pascals triangle. If the terms in the nth row are p1, p2, p3, ... p(n+1) then the binomial expansion isp1*a^n + p2*a^(n-1)*b + p3*a^(n-2)*b^2 + ... + pr*a^(n+1-r)*b^(r-1) + ... + pn*a*b^(n-1) + p(n+1)*b^n

What is the purpose of Pascal's triangle?

The Pascal's triangle is used partly to determine the coefficients of a binomial expression. It is also used to find the number of combinations taken n at a time of m things .

Did pascal die before completing the pascal triangle?

Yes and no. See related link. The triangle methodology was employed in 1653 by Pascal, but not published until 1665. Pascal died in 1662.

What is the pascle triangle?

Pascal's Triangle is an illustration of the coefficients of a binomial expansion. (There are also other patterns within the triangle, but it is primarily taught in relation to binomial expansion.) Each row begins and ends with the number one. The elements in each row are the sum of the two numbers above it in the previous row and continues indefinitely: 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 4 6 4 1

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