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Volume is proportional to the cube (3rd power) of the linear dimensions.

If the side of the cube is tripled, the volume increasesby a factor of (3)3 = 27 .

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Q: How is the volume of a cube affected if the dimensions of the cube are tripled?
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What is the dimensions of a cube with volume of 1000cm?

It is a 10 cm cube.

What is the effect on the volume of a cube if its side length is tripled?

The volume increases to 33 = 27 times as much.

How do you find the dimensions of a cube given the volume?

Volume = length X width X height. Therefore, take the cube root of the volume to find all the dimensions

If the dimensions of a triangular prism is doubled what happens to the volume?

Volume is proportional to the cube of the linear dimensions.Double the dimensions ===> volume is multiplied by (2)3 = 8 .

A cube has the volume of 2184 cubic inches what are the dimensions?

Each of the three dimensions are 12.97430823 inches

How does the length of a cube increase for the volume to be tripled?

The length increases by a 3√3 or 31/3 = 1.4422 (approx).

What are the dimensions of a cube that has a volume of 512cm?

Every edge is 8 cm.

Why is volume in cube units?

Because volume has three dimensions: A line has one dimension: length An area has two dimensions: length and width Volume has three dimensions: length, width and depth.

A cube has a volume of 64 cubic centimeters what are the cubes dimensions?

4 cubed = 64. So the cube is 4x4x4.Answer:We know that the volume of a cube = Side3 cubic centimeters.Given that the volume of the cube is 64 cubic centimeters.We need to find the dimensions of the cube.Side3 = 64Side3 = 43Side = 4 centimeters.Source:

How big is a cube with these dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.75 inches?

If it has those dimensions, then it's not a cube. Its volume is 58.1875 cubic inches.

What is the dimensions of a cube if the volume is 91826784?

approximately 451.152247 for each edge. ( take the cube root of 91826784)

A cube has a volume of 75 cubic centimeter what are the cubes dimensions?

The cube root of 75 is about 4.217163327 cm which will be the lengths of the sides of the cube.

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