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To calculate the width of a box, or cube, you need to use the following formula: W = (V) / (LxH) given that (V= volume, L= length, W= width, H= height) and volume, height and length measurements are already given.

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Q: How is the width of a box calculated?
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To calculate the area of the front surface of the front of a box?

If it's just the front surface of a box then it's simply a 2D shape, the area can be calculated by multiplying the length by the width. Answer will be in units squared.

What is the width of a box in inches?

It depends on the size of the box. You need to use a ruler measure its width in inches.

How is the volume of a box measured?

-- Measure the length of the box. -- Measure the width of the box. -- Measure the height of the box. -- Multiply (length) times (width) times (height). The product is the volume of the box.

Dimensions of a kleenex box?

The dimensions of a Kleenex box are length, width and height. The volume of the box is equivalent to length times width times height.

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle if you have the length and the area?

Area = Length*Width so Width = Area/Length. Therefore the Width can be calculated. Then, perimeter = 2*(Length + Width) and everything on the right hand side of the equation is known so the perimeter can be calculated.

How many square incheS does one box of tiles cover?

The area may be calculated using this formula: A = (length of each tile in inches) x (width of each tile in inches) x (number of tiles in one box)

Is the area of a cube is calculated using length x width?


Can the density of an object be calculated by dividing its length by its width?

No it cannot.

Urgent I need to know how to find it by 9pm est so i can take the test How do you find the volume of a rectangular box if you were given the areas of the sides r s and t?

The volume is calculated by length*width*height. If you are only the area then you could not solve the problem without be given the length of one of the sides. The area is calculated as length*width.

What it's the width of a box with A volume of 75 cubic meters length of 15 meters and a height of 5 meters?

The width of the box will be 1 meter.

How do you find cubic inches in a box?

You find cubic inches in a box by multiplying its length by its width, and by its height. The measurements for length, width, and height should all be in inches. This is known as the volume of the box.

How is a box measured hxlxw?

A box is typically measured in three dimension, height, length, and width. To find the volume of the box, you need to multiply the height by the length by the width. This is a very simple calculation.

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