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13/5 = 2 and 3/5 as a mixed number

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Q: How is thirteen fifths written as a whole number or a mixed numeral?
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Which mixed number is equivalent to thirteen-fifths?

2 and 3/5

What is four and thirteen thousandths in numeral form?

It is 4 and 13/1000 as a mixed number

How do you write number 13?

Thirteen = 13

What is five as a roman numeral?

The number 5 written as a roman numeral is V.

What is Roman numeral for 39?

The number 39 written as a Roman numeral is XXXIX

What is the Roman numeral for 360?

The number 360 written as a Roman numeral is CCCLX

What is Roman numeral of 1995?

The number 1995 written as a Roman numeral is MCMXCV

What is the Arabic numeral for 34 written in Roman numeral?

The number 34 is represented by the Roman numeral XXXIV

What is the numeral number 0?

there is no roman number which is defined for the numeral zero . 0 is always written as 0 .

How do you write 39 as a Roman Numeral?

The number 39 written as a roman numeral is XXXIX.

What number is written as the Roman numeral VXI?

The number written as the Roman Numeral VXI technically not considered a valid number. A complete guide as to how the Roman Numeral system works can be found at Education Oasis.

What is the Roman numeral xv111?

1 is not a Roman numeral, you numeral should be written as XVIII and it represents the number 18

How do you write a standard numeral?

A standard numeral is simply a number written in number form - 1, 2, 3, etc.

How would you write 27 as a Roman numeral?

The number 27 can be written as the Roman numeral XXVII

What is three fifths written on the number line?

tell me please

How do you write thirteen thousand thirteen hundred and thirteen?

Thirteen thousand thirteen hundred and thirteen is not a number. It is an addition problem. It would be written 13,000 + 1,300 + 13.The answer would be written 14,313.

How do you spell thirten?

The number 13 is written as thirteen.

What is the value of the numeral 2 in the number 12.62?

numeral 2 has two values in number 12.62 2 is written as xx in roman numerals.

How do you write a roman numeral 1?

The roman numeral for the number one can be written as I or i. On a keyboard, it is typed using the "I", not the "1".

How do you spell the number 3?

The numeral 3 is written as the word "three".

What does the no 9 mean?

The number 9 written as a Roman numeral is IX

How was the number 1000 written by Romans?

As a Roman numeral 1000 = M

What is the standard numeral?

Standard numeral is a number written where each digit has a place value according to its position in relation to other digits. It means stating a number in number form.

Which number is not written in roman number?

It is zero because it's not needed in the Roman numeral system.

What number names a plant?

The number 4. When written as a Roman numeral, it's IV (ivy).