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Surveying is all trig. Much trig in physics and engineering,

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Q: How is trigonometry relevant to our everyday life?
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How algebra and trigonometry is useful in your everyday life?

They typically aren't useful in your everyday life unless your job requires them.

How is Mitosis relevant to everyday life?

it is the renewal of your cells

Identify two area in everyday life where trigonometry plays a fundamental part?

Trigonometry is used in finding the height of towers and mountains and finding the distance between celestial bodies.

How is trig used in everyday life?

Trigonometry is mainly used in calculating Heights and Distances between two objects.

How is newtons law of gravitation is relevant to your everyday life?

do you want to get hit in the head with a apple? that what it has to do with everyday life. Walking, eating, living all need gravity!

How can you apply trigonometry in your future life?

what is the application of trigonometry in your life and future carrier

What are ways that you use trigonometry in your everyday life?

I am a retired math/science teacher. I used trig every day to teach students.

What are some everyday uses of trigonometry?

1) Surveying; 2} Architecture; 3)

How relevant is the use of math in everyday life?

Math is relevant to everyday life because we have to use it with most jobs that we have and you have to use it when grocery shopping. Math is very useful and you should learn it if you ever want to have a decent job. Personally, I HATE math but I know that I will need it everyday when I get older, so I have to do good and try hard in math even though i don't like it.

What is the importance of trigonometry in your daily life?

Trigonometry is important in daily life for many reasons. People use patterns and symmetry in relating to objects around them. For example. trigonometry is used in decorating a home.

How can you collect data on a research based on trigonometry in real life?

How large is a triangle? The real-life uses of trigonometry extend far beyond mere simple right-triangles into great expanses of scientific and engineering maths in everyday professional use, so "how" you would collect the data would depend on the specific study.

How you will define trigonometry?

the branch of mathematics dealing with the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles.

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