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Q: How it is call the amount of space an object contains measure in cubic units?
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Related questions

The amount of space an object contains measured in cubic units?

Volume, in any unit you choose.

How do you convert cubic cm to moles?

You cannot convert cm3 to moles. They do not measure the same quantity. Cubic centimeters measure volume (the amount of space an object takes up) and moles measure the amount of a substance. The mole is one of the seven fundamental SI units, whereas cubic centimeters is a derived unit.

What is the number of cubic units an object contains?

the number of cubic units to fill an object is called its volume

What unit is used to measure volume of solids?

The SI unit of measure is cubic meter.Usually cubic millimetres or cubic metres - depending on the size of the object.

How many cubic inches in a cubic foot?

It's the same amount as the amount of regular inches in a regular foot; 12.A cubic foot contains 1,728 cubic inches.

How do you find the volume of an object if it is in cubic centimeters?

The measure, in cubic centimetres IS the volume!

What is the amount of space an object takes up ml or what?

The amount of space is called the object's VOLUME. You can express volume in cubic meters, cubic decimeters (= liters), cubic centimeters (= ml), cubic feet, gallons, or any other unit of volume.

What do you use to measure the volume of a small object?

Millilitres and/or cubic centimetres are used to measure the volume of a small object. milileters

Is a destiny a measure of the force of gravity acting on an object?

no, strictly speaking mass is the amount of matter something contains and density = mass / volume say water = 1 gram per cubic centimetre and iron = 8 grams per cubic centimetre, then iron has 8 times the density of water

Explain how to calculate the density of an object?

1). Measure the object's mass ===> Weigh it, and divide the weight (Newtons) by the acceleration of gravity (9.8 meters per sec2). 2). Measure the object's volume ===> Fill a water glass to the very top rim, then measure the amount of water that overflows when you submerge the object in the glass (cubic centimeter). Calculate the number: (mass) divided by (volume). That's the object's density (in kilograms per cubic centimeter). Other units are certainly possible; you just have to be careful handling the units.

What does the density of an object represent?

It represents how "concentrated" the mass is in an object. It is expressed in units of mass per volume, for example, kilogram per cubic meter.

What is volume and what are the SI units used to measure volume?

Volume is the amount of 3-dimensional space that an object occupies. The SI unit for volume is cubic meters (m3)

What is used to measure the amount of space an object takes up?

A unit of volume for a 3 dimensional object such as cubic inches, metres, litres etc. A unit of area for a 2 dimensional object such as square inches, metres etc

What is the volume of matter measured in?

Cubic meters, cubic centimeters, cubic kilometers, etc., depending on how big the object is that you want to measure.

What is the measure of the amount of matter in an object?

Density. (Measures the amount of matter in the object)Mass, however, describes the weight of that matter. This first answer given above, is totally incorrect. Density is a derived unit expressed as the mass per unit of volume of a substance. Example : Brass has a density of about 8.5 Gram per cubic Centimetre . This means that if the lump of brass occupied 1 cubic Centimetre , then that particular piece would have a mass of exactly 1 gram. Proper Answer:- amount of matter is measured either as it's VOLUME in cubic Centimetre, or it's MASS in gram.( the same amount as it's weight) other units which are commonly used to measure matter are :- pounds, ounces, kilogram, ton etc. OR cubic Inch, cubic foot, cubic metre, etc.

How does one measure the volume of a person in cubic feet?

Completely immerse the person in water and measure the amount of fluid displaced in cubic feet.

What physical property of matter can you measure with cubic centimeters?

Cubic centimeters (cm3, or cc) is a measure of volume, the amount of space that matter occupies.

What is the firing order on 94 Mitsubishi galant?

It's the same amount as the amount of regular inches in a regular foot; 12.A cubic foot contains 1,728 cubic inches.

Whatis the Difference between volume and weight?

Volume is the amount of cubic centimeters in an object. To find the volume of a regular shaped object multiply length x width x height. To find an irregular shaped objects volume put water in a container and measure the amount. Place the object in the water and measure the new volume. Subtract the old volume from the new volume and that's your answer. You would write as x cm3. Weight is gravity's pull on an object

Which measure is best used for liquids when comparing volume?

Cubic meters, liters, or cubic centimeters (equal to milliliters), depending on the amount of liquid you want to measure.

Is volume the amount of mass in an object?

Yes. Volume is the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object or region of space, expressed in cubic units.

What unit would you use to measure the amount of waterin a lake?

Cubic metres, or cubic kilometres for large lakes.

What unit would you measure an amount in a cup of tea?

Cubic centimeters.

The amount of mass in a cubic centermeter is called?

I assume you are thinking of density. Density is the amount of mass per unit of volume of an object such as 20 kg/m^3. Which means 20 there are 20 kilograms for every cubic meter of an object.

What is the amount of matter in a given space called?

Since "amount of matter" is measured as an object's mass and "a given space" is measured as volume, the amount of matter in an a given space should equal mass/volume. Mass divided by volume is an object's density. Acceptable units of density include: grams/liters, kilograms/cubic meters, slugs/cubic inch, slugs/cubic foot, and many others.