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43560 sq.ft.

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There are 43560 square feet in one acre.

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Q: How large in square feet is one acre?
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How many gallons is 1 inch of rain to a acre?

Well, you know there are 43,560 square feet in an acre, and you know there are 12 inches to a foot. The next clue you need is a conversion factor from volume in gallons to the units of area, which in this case is inches; so, there are 231 cubic inches to a gallon. You now have all the information you need to algebraically determine the number of gallons in an acre inch.

What is the volume in square feet of one ton of soil?

Perhaps you mean cubic feet. In that case it would be about 30 cubic feet.

How much water is one inch of rain over an acre?

There are far too many variables to say. The answer to this will be relaitive to your location, and you would need to take some measurements in your local area. The best way to calculate this would be to take a sample (say 1 foot square) and multiply your results by the number of square feet in one acre. A suggested means would be to use a rain gauge with a 1 foot square funnel, to measure total rain fallen on the area. then you would need to asertain the drop size. I would use a sheet of tissue paper, weigh it, then allow it to be hit by a single drop of average size, and then re-weigh. 1 gram will equal 1 millilitre, and thus you can work out how many drops by dividing your total water in your sample area. You may want to use a normal rain gauge in addition to this in order to get an acurate idea of when you acheive a 1 inch rainfall.

How much does one acre inch of top soil weigh?

An acre furrow slice is the volume of soil in an acre at 6-7" depth. One AFS weighs 2,000,000 lbs. The depth is based on the depth old farmers used to till their fields at.

How many kilometers are in one acre of land?

0.0040468 sq km