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A gymnastics free exercise floor is 12 meters by 12 meters, amounting to 40 feet by 40 feet.

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Q: How long and wide is the spring floor for the gymnastics floor exercise?
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Is gymnastics an aerobic exercise?

It's an anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise promotes cardiovascular fitness by raising your pulse to a targeted level, while anaerobic exercise focuses on specific muscles and their size, endurance, and strength. There's not much cardio involved in gymnastics... even in floor routines, which are only 2 minutes long.

How long is floor excersice for gymnastics?

Usually a routine is about a minute and a half depending on the level and the music.

The size of gymnastic floor exercise mat?

The dimensions of a floor exercise mat used in competitions administered by the International Federation of Gymnastics, such as the Olympics and World Championships, is 12 meters long (39 feet) and 12 meters wide (39 feet) with a 'safety border' of 1 meter (3.3 feet). The safety border is what you hear considered as 'out of bounds'.

What are some questions for gymnastics?

How many apparatus are used by women in gymnastics? What is the rotation order of the women's apparatus? What do the women use on their hands on the apparatus the uneven bars? How long does a floor routine go for? How long is the beam?

What equipment use to be used in gymnastics?

Gymnastics has many types of equitment. It has the same ones for a LONG time. You use a VAULT,,,BARS,,,,,BEAM,,,,AND FLOOR(my favorite event to do)......WELL THERE IS YOUR ANWSER!!!!

What is a straight used in gymnastics?

The equipment used in gymnastics is there is a vaulting table always about 100- 135 centimeters off the ground. On bars the men use one parallel metal bar. The women use two uneven bars made of wood. Also for bars women and men use grips that they put chalk on to say put on the bars. For floor you use a spring floor to make the tumbling easier. For beam women use a long "beam" that is 4 in. long. Men do not do beam.

What equipment is required in women's gymnastics?

the require a beam 16 foot long a 40 by 40 foot floor uneven bars and a vault

How long does a gymnastics floor routine last for 4 piece gymnasts?

Between 1:10 to around 1:30 depends on the music picked

Is Romania famous for gymnastics?

Yes, Romania is very famous for gymnastics; Romania has a long tradition in gymnastics.

What is the song called that they use for level 4 floor gymnastics?

There is not a particular song title because the song has been composed for specificity gymnastics although once you get into level 7 you can get music that is by a certain artist as long as it doesn't have lyrics.

What were the first gymnastics events?

the first gymnastics events are a lot different then the events we have now. A long time ago the first events were: * vault * bars * beam * floor I know those are the same ones that we have now but they were a lot different back then.

What does exercise therapy involve?

This aspect of treatment involves long hikes, gymnastics, tennis, cycling, and other vigorous activities to amplify the effects of the water and herb therapies.

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