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Pennies are approx 2 15/16 inches worth 50 cents

Nickels are approx 2 15/16 inches worth 2 dollars

Quarters are approx 2 3/4 inches worth 10 dollars Dimes are approx 2 1/2 inches worth 5 dollars

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There are 50 pennies in a roll . If you have 150 rolls of pennies, how many pennies do you have?

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How long are roll of nickels and dimes in quarters

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Q: How long are rolls of quarters nickels dimes pennies?
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Related questions

How many rolls of pennies nickels dimes quarters half dollars and dollars in a box?

50 in each box

Who is putting metal banding around the quarters dimes nickels and pennies that come in a coin roll?

Coin rolls from the Federal Reserve do not have metal bands on them. Any you may find would have to be from a private individual since banks do not use metal either.

Dione has 3 rolls of pennies containing 50 coins each 4 rolls of nickels containing 40 coins each 5 rolls of dimes containing 50 coins each and 6 rolls of quarters containing 40 coins each. How much m?

1.508.025.060.0= 94.50

How much are the rolls of quarters and dimes worth in all?

One roll of dimes contains 50 coins for a value of $5. Quarters come in rolls of 40 for a value of $10.

Why cant I find any quarters or dimes in circulation older than 1965?

Because quarters and dimes made before 1965 are 90% silver, some are still out there but you have to look through a lot of rolls to find them.

How many rolls of nickels in a box of nickels?

50- $2.00 rolls for a total of $100.00 in nickles.

How many rolls of pennies equal 10?

10 rolls of 10 pennies is 10$

How do you get silver coins from us banks for free?

There's no guarantee for it, but the idea is that you can hope to find silver dimes, quarters, or half-dollars in bank rolls. Half-dollars are supposedly the preferred coin, because while silver dimes and quarters were discontinued after 1964, halves still had silver until 1970.

How many rolls of dimes in a standard Fed box of rolled coin?

50 rolls of 50 dimes, 2,500 dimes total, face value of $250.

How many rolls of nickels are in a box?

A standard bank box of nickels contains $100 worth, which is 50 rolls at $2 each.

How many rolls of dimes would make 20 dollars?

One roll of dimes is 5 dollars. Therefore it would take 4 rolls of dimes to make 20 dollars.

How many rolls of pennies equal 10.00?

A roll of pennies contains 50 pennies, or 50 cents. Two rolls is 1.00, so to get 10 dollars you need 20 rolls

Where can you buy rolls of state quarters?

Rolls of quarters are available at any bank. However, for rolls of a specific quarter, check coin and jewelry shops.

What materials do you need for a paper towel project?

3-5 paper towel rolls a bowl full of water a jar of 50 pennies or 50 quarters a partner to do it with or family member

How many pennies in 3 rolls?

If the rolls are 50 cents each, 150

How many dimes in a box of dimes?

Armored car services deliver boxes of dimes worth $250. That's fifty $5.00 rolls.

What is the value of ten rolls of quarters if there are forty quarters in each roll?


What is the total value of 13 rolls of quarters?

$130.00 There are 40 quarters to a roll, which equals $10.00

How much is 90 rolls of nickels which has 25 rolls each?

Assuming you mean each roll has 25 coins, 90 rolls would be $112.50.

Can you pay with a roll of quarters?

This is not an authoritative answer, rather more of an experience based answer. I believe in most states that you can pay with a roll of quarters (or pennies et al.) IF you owe a debt to someone. Example: Your car is towed to an impound lot and you owe a debt to reclaim it - you could pay with quarter rolls. The reasoning being it is legal tender and must be accepted when paying a debt. However, it is probably more an establishment's policy whether they will accept rolls of quarters as payment for something which you do not owe a debt on. (e.g. - groceries).

How much money is 2 pounds of quarters?

Two pounds of U.S. quarters is $40 (four full rolls of quarters).

How many pennies are needed to make a 1 foot cylinder?

Rough estimation here, but about 3 rolls of pennies. So..150 pennies.

Where can you buy rolls of Washington quarters for any state?

Coin dealers may still have rolls of earlier State quarters in stock. For current releases, first check with your local banks, especially the one(s) with which you hold accounts; some of them may get in rolls of State Quarters. You can get current, and some recent back-issues, rolls of State Quarters from the US Mint's web catalog, but you'll be paying more than face value for them.

What is the value in dollars of 25 rolls of nickels if there are 40 nickels in each roll?

A nickel is worth 5 cents so a roll of 40 has a value of $2. 25 rolls at $2 each = $2 * 25 = $50

Jill has 6 roll of quarters Each roll has 10 quarters How many quarters does johnston have?

Trick qeustion. You never said how many rolls of quarters johnston had.

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