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They are water based animals so can survive under water for approximately 60 minutes, but without water 3.7 seconds

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How long can a snapping turtle survive without water?

how long can a snapping turtle survive without water? how long can a snapping turtle survive without water?

Can a plant survive without water?

A plant can survive without water, but not for very long. Humans can survive a day or two without water, but like all life, to have a long life we need water.

Can people survive in the Sahara desert without water?

Not for very long. People cannot survive for very long without water, anywhere.

How long can an adult survive without water?

an adult can survive with out water for 3 days.

How long can hedgehogs survive without water?

they survive for 12 hours

Which animals can survive a long time without water?

camels can live a long time without water.

How long can fish survive without water?

not very long =]

How long can you surive without water?

You can survive without water from five to fifteen days.

How long could you survive without water?

Normal humans cannot survive for more than three days without water.

How long can a camel survive in the desert without water?

A Long Time

How long can a sheep survive without water?

Not very long I think

How long can cheetahs survive without water?

It can stay for 3-4 days without water.

How long can a hyena last without water?

a hyena can survive several days without water

How long can a human survive without being deprived without fresh water?

A human can only survive 1 week without water, and 2 weeks without food

Why water is important?

Water is important to humans because without it we'll die. The human body is around 70% water. Humans are able to survive without water for a little while, but not as long as we can survive without food. We can survive without food for a week to a month and we can survive without water for three days to a week. Can you see the 'obvious' difference?

How long can plants survive without water?

1 week

How long can a cricket survive without food or water?

About a week.

How long can zebras survive without water?

3 days

How long can turtles survive without water?

one day

How long can a clam survive without food?

A clam cannot survive without water. They would not be able to last long if they didn't have food to eat.

How long can a newborn kitten survive without food?

How long can a kitten go without food or water?

How long can tarantulas survive without food or water?

some can survive for 6 months or more

How long can someone survive without water?

While the body can survive without food for about five weeks, the body cannot survive without water for longer than three days. " An average adult male can survive for 30 to 40 days without food.

People can survive for this long without water?

No, you can only last a few days without water before you die.

How can a camel survive long time without water?

Because it stores water in its hump