How long can you be trainee for?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Technically indefinitely, only once your superior is satisfied with your progress would no longer be considered a trainee.

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Q: How long can you be trainee for?
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What is a sentence for the word trainee?

I was a trainee without pay. My trainee status went on for so long, I figured I'd owe the company a bundle of money for training me.

What does management trainee consist of?

A management trainee is usually an individual that is being trained for a long-term position in a managerial position. The trainee designation indicates that the person is learning about the requirements of the job while the current management evaluates his or her potential.

When was Trainee Cupid created?

Trainee Cupid was created in 2005.

What is the plural possessive for trainee?

The plural of trainee is trainees. The plural possessive is trainees' (of or belonging to more than one trainee).

Are you a trainee in Japanese?

'Are you a trainee?' in Japanese translates to 'Kunrensei desu ka'.

What is trainee?

A teacher trainee is also known as a 'Teaching Assistant' to teachers. This is why generally in schools, you have teaching assistants who eventually start taking lessons or even covering them for students and helps the teacher.

What is trainee associate?

associate trainee means to process the data in fullfilling information

What do you call a trainee doctor?

Trainee or student doctor, possibly co-assistent.

What is the work of traffic supervisor trainee in apsrtc?

The trainee's job is to guide the bus routes.

What is meaning of graduate trainee?

graduate trainee is a person who is being trained in specific subject

What is other name for trainee soldier?

A trainee soldier is called a RECRUIT.

Meaning of management trainee?

A management trainee describes someone who is being trained to be a manager or be promoted to a manager. A management trainee often does part of the job that the manager is doing.