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Q: How long did the 3 day week last?
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How long can a suspension last on wizard101?

24 Hours 1 Day 3 Days 1 Week 3 Weeks 1 Month Or Banishment

How long did the childrens march of 1963 last?

it was about a week 1st day was the march and 800 kids went to jail. 3-7 day was water and the dogs called shock day.

How long will seafood pasta last in the refrigerator?

3 to 5 days.

How long do stitches stay in after wisdom teeth?

Around a week, give or take a day or two. Depends on the type of stitch, number and location.

How long does a black labs period last?

They start heat for a week, then they bleed for about a week,then they want to breed for a week so all together around 3 weeks.

How long does shrimp soup last in the refrigerator?

Um... Any soup can last a long time in the refrigerator! The maximum time my soups last is a week. So try to eat it by then. ;) -Faiya

How long should a someone exercise a week?

A minimum of 30 minutes a day, so 3-4 hours total for the week.

How long do the chigger bites last?

how long do cigger bites last when applying medicine?

How long did the battle of krithia last?

There were 4 battles. The first and third one lasted for less than a day. The 2nd battle lasted for 3 days. The 4th battle lasted for 8 days or 1 week and a day.

What day of week is March 3 2011?

The day of the week for 3 March 2011 is Thursday.

How long does a halo reach credit ban last?

1 day for your first offense. 1 week for your second offense. 3 weeks for your third offense. 6 months for your 4 offense.

How long does Cristiano train per day?

around 3-5 hours 4 times a week (depending if there is a game at the weekend) it will be 5 times a week