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One mile in metric is 1609 meters, or about 1.6 km.

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Q: How long distance one mile is?
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How long is 1600 meters in track?

It is called the 1600. The distance is approximately one mile.

How long is the long distance run in Wii fit?

1 mile

What is a one mile?

A mile is a unit of distance, approximately 1.6 kilometers.

Is one mile greater or one kilometer?

One mile is greater in distance than one kilometer.

What is the difference between a square mile and just a distance mile that you use every day?

a linear mile is a unit of distance 5280 feet long and a square mile is a square area with each side 5280 feet long

What is the distance in feet for a one third mile track?

1,760 feet is one-third of a mile.

How long is a street block in distance?

1/20 of a mile

How long did John Oxley travel?

1200928982 distance mile

How long is a decimal in miles?

A mile is a measure of distance: a decimal is not.

Is .8 miles almost a mile?

Yes. It is 80% of the distance of one mile.

What is a cubic mile?

A cubic mile is a volume, or space, that is one mile high, one mile wide, and one mile long.

What is the distance of a nautical mile in meters?

The distance of one nautical mile in meters is 1852 meters per mile. This calculation can be achieved by multiplying one by one thousand, eight hundred and fifty two.

How mile to one kilometers?

The mile is longer in distance than the kilometre. One point six kilometres is equal to one mile. Or conversely, one mile is equal to 1.6 kilometres.

Which one is farther kilometers or miles?

One mile is a greater distance than one kilometer.

How long of a distance is 600m?

about 1/3 of a mile or 0.6 kilometers

How long is km in distance?

A km is a kilometer which equates to about 0.62 mile.

What is the mile distance from Long Island to Atlantic City?

176 miles

Which is bigger a mile or a meter?

A mile is a much greater distance. It takes 1,609 meters to equal one mile.

A train one mile long travels at a rate of one mile per minute through a tunnel that is one mile long?

2 hours

What was the longest mile a car went in the 1930s?

I believe that a mile was a standard distance in the 1930s. So every mile was exactly as long as every other mile.

How long does it take to run one mile at 8.3 mph?

Please use the equation: distance = time x speed

How do you run a mile in 1 day?

If you can't run one mile in a day, you should start focusing on quick walking. It is the best way to get your physical condition better if you can't run for long amounts of time. One mile shouldn't be that hard, and it doesn't take long for one to be able to run that distance.

How many acres equal a mile?

A mile is a distance measurement. An acre is a measurement of area enclosed. Converting acres to miles results in square miles. One square mile ( 1 mile long by 1 mile wide ), equals 640 acres.

How much distance in meters is one nautical mile?

1 nautical mile=1,852 meters

Which distance is longer mile or meter?

A mile is longer, since it takes 1,609.344 meters just to equal one mile